Coffee on planes is often called brewed using toilet water, this is a fact


Many people are reluctant to order coffee when traveling by plane. There is a myth circulating that coffee is said to be made with water from a toilet tank. Really?

When boarding a plane, there are food and beverage packages offered by the airline. The food and drink menu on this plane is notoriously bland. Not because the food is bad, but because the tongue’s natural response to heights.

The food choices on the plane are quite complete, there is a menu of fish, chicken to processed meat. Likewise for the choice of drinks.

Illustration of coffee on a planeIllustration of coffee on a plane Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Diy13

Especially for drinks, the choices are no less complete, ranging from mineral water, fruit juices, tea to coffee. But there are myths circulating about coffee on planes. This myth makes many passengers reluctant to order coffee.

Reporting from Mashed (26/4) there is a myth that says that coffee is brewed on an airplane using toilet tank water. In fact, this is completely unproven and is just an issue.

Non-bottled mineral water and water used for brewing coffee are claimed to come from the same storage tank as toilet water. Of course this issue sounds disgusting, unfortunately many people believe this myth which has absolutely no proof.

The coffee and water that passengers consume on the plane does not come from the toilet water tank at all. There are also those who think that this drinking water is recycled water from toilet water.

Arina Bloom, a former flight attendant at one of the airlines explained that this issue is not true. Arina explained that she always drank water from the water storage tank on the plane while on duty. He said he was fine and had no health problems at all.

Furthermore, Ariana said there are two separate tanks that hold water for toilet purposes and water for consumption purposes. In addition he also ensures that this tank has a decent standard of cleanliness.

The issue of coffee made from toilet water was first raised by a former flight attendant through a TikTok video uploaded in 2021. He said he had to avoid coffee on planes because the water storage tanks were never cleaned.

Illustration of coffee on a planeIllustration of coffee on a plane Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Diy13

In contrast, in 2019 there was a study on water quality in several major airlines. Through this research, it can be proven that the water tank on the plane is clean and hygienic. Although there are several airlines that have low scores for drinking water quality, namely Spirit Airlines and JetBlue.

So you don’t have to worry if you want to enjoy freshly brewed hot coffee when you are a passenger on an airplane. Or if you still believe in this issue, you should choose to drink bottled water instead.

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