Comeback after ‘lost’ for 28 years, Citroen is confident that it can compete against Toyota and friends


After 28 years of absence, French four-wheeler manufacturer Citroen returns to Indonesia through the Indomobil Group umbrella. Even though their comeback has only just begun, they are confident that they will be able to compete with giant brands from Japan.

Indomobil Group Advisory Board, Tan Kim Piauw explained, there are a number of factors that make it confident that it can compete with big brands from Japan, namely unique models and sophisticated technology.

“Citroen has uniqueness and courage in the design of its technology and products. With a long history, Citroen has become a pioneer in many automotive technologies that are used by many brands,” said Tan when asked about tough competition with brands from Japan, quoted on Saturday (11/19/2022) .

Citroen officially set foot again in Indonesia.  The French manufacturer made a comeback after last acting in Indonesia in the 1990s.Citroen comeback in Indonesia Photo: Grandyos Zafna

Tan emphasized that to give full confidence to the public regarding the quality of Citroen products, his party will launch a new car in Indonesia on December 7, 2022. He ensured, the vehicle comes with advanced technology and a high level of comfort.

“The Citroen car, which will be introduced on December 7, has several advantages that differentiate Citroen’s uniqueness from the others. For example, the technology and the concept of comfort,” he said.

Unfortunately, Tan did not want to elaborate further on the model. However, news circulated, the car that was launched was not just one, but more.

“Just wait for the game date,” he said.

Citroen Ami Buggy appeared in Indonesia.Citroen Ami Buggy appeared in Indonesia. Photo: Septian Farhan Nurhuda /

Furthermore, according to Tan, competition in the four-wheeled market in Indonesia is indeed tight and does not only involve brands from Japan. However, he said, no matter how tight the competition is, there are many and varied enthusiasts or consumers in the country.

“The car market in Indonesia is growing. We all know that the actual capacity for vehicle needs here is far greater than the current situation. The point is, from year to year, the market is always growing,” said Tan.

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