Complete Test of Honda HR-V SE: Deserves to be the Best Selling SUV in its Class…


When we tested the Hyundai Creta Prime, we said that ‘this is the most attractive SUV in its class’. But at that time, Honda had not launched the latest HR-V.

After HR-V came, our assessment was different. Because Honda seems to issue an ‘ulti’ which immediately confuses potential buyers in this class. So, how attractive is the latest HR-V?

Honda HR-V SEHonda HR-V SE has the typical dimensions of a medium SUV Photo: Muhammad Hafizh Gemilang / detikOto

Classy Design

Team-tested Honda HR-V secondsAuto is type SE. In terms of design, the SE model is identical to the two types below, but differs from the HR-V Turbo RS.

From the front, the look of the Honda HR-V SE appears masculine with a new grille model with horizontal accents. The line on the top grille runs to the headlights on the left and right. The headlights of the Honda HR-V also appear cooler.

Meanwhile, when viewed from the side, the latest HR-V design line is also more luxurious. The drag line from the hood runs through the door handles to the taillights.

The sturdy impression of SUV cars is also depicted with firm over fenders, as well as thick skirts that add a dashing impression to the Honda HR-V.

On the back, it looks cooler than its predecessor. The taillights flow horizontally separated by the Honda logo. The roofline also flows like a coupe.

Honda HR-V SECockpit Honda HR-V SE Photo: Muhammad Hafizh Gemilang / detikOto

Entering the cabin, the HR-V carries the latest Honda design language. There is a touch of the taste of the latest generation of Civic for the color combination and also the cockpit layout.

For the detikOto test driver who has a height of 175 cm, sitting in the rear cabin feels quite relieved in the leg area, but limited headroom. This is because the HR-V’s roof is quite low.

Another thing that is quite disturbing in the rear cabin is the arm rest which does not have a stopper, aka letoy. In addition, the panoramic roof of the HR-V is also less practical to open and close.

Sitting in the front and enjoying the cockpit, it feels more fun than in the back. It looks classy, ​​but combines a futuristic touch.

There are many interesting details in this car, starting from the knob-shaped adjustment lever for opening and closing the AC vent. Then there are horizontal ornaments above the glove box, to the selection of piano black accents that make the cabin look luxurious.

Honda HR-V SEThe trunk of the Honda HR-V SE is quite large in its class Photo: Muhammad Hafizh Gemilang / detikOto

Well, by design, it is clear that the Honda HR-V is confident to fight the Hyundai Creta. It looks modern, fresh, and futuristic.

However, in terms of features in the cabin, the HR-V is still quite behind the Creta. Some features are present in the Creta, but absent in the HR-V such as wireless charging, ventilated seats, to the ionizer.

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