Concave Collaboration with Mesut Ozil to be Close to Indonesian Fans

MANUFACTURER of sports shoes and equipment, Concave Indonesia, has launched the exclusive M10 “Gradient” collection which is the result of a collaboration with world soccer star, Mesut Ozil.

The Concave brand shoes which were released on Friday (25/3) were designed based on the direction of Ozil as Global Creative Director at Concave Asia.

“Hello guys, I am Mesut zil. Check out my collaboration with Concave. Assalamualaikum to all my friends in Indonesia. I want to have a strong relationship with Indonesian fans. I want to make my own football shoes that can be reached by many people. Therefore I introduce M10,” said Ozil to his fans in Indonesia through the Exclusive M10 Collection video uploaded on Instagram @concaveid, Thursday (24/3).

Concave has entered Indonesia since 2019, brought by a shoe manufacturer from Tangerang, PT Aggiomultimex International Group. The company produces Concave shoes in Indonesia.

Concave and Ozil are trying to get closer to Indonesian fans through their newest fashion product line, namely Athleisure which is becoming a trend. Athleisure itself is a casual dress style that is usually used during sports and other activities. This style was chosen because it is very simple and is “Everyday Aesthetic”.

The former Real Madrid and Arsenal star will market the streetwear brand with the M10 label. This collection of Concave collaboration with Mesut zil presents apparel that is not only comfortable to wear for sports but can give a stylish impression to every wearer. Apparel products that will be released in the M10 Gradient collection include M10 Volker Run running shoes, Casual T-shirts, Hoodies, or even Tracksuits and Trackpants.

The initiation of this collaboration began with Ozil’s desire to develop his brand in the Southeast Asia region.

Like a tit for tat, Ozil fans in Indonesia are very enthusiastic about welcoming the release of this M10 product. This can be seen from the positive response of the fans when Concave Indonesia announced the plan to launch the Exclusive M10 Collection on the social media account @concaveid.

Concave Indonesia itself sees that this collaboration is a breath of fresh air for the sportwear industry in Indonesia.

“During the pandemic, the sportwear industry in Indonesia had declined, and we hope that this collaboration that will run for the next five years can be a breath of fresh air for all of us,” said Subagio Lembono as CEO of PT Aggiomultimex International Group which is also the parent of Concave Indonesia in a release. .

If you are interested in owning these Ozil products, please check your favorite e-commerce site. (OL-8)