Cool! ‘Rendang Goes to Europe’ Presents Rendang Factory in Bulgaria


After being named the most delicious food in the world, now rendang will be introduced in Europe. The rendang factory is planned to be built in Bulgaria. This Minang specialty is ready to pamper the tongues of European citizens.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno uploaded the moment when he inaugurated the Rendang Goes to Europe project, Friday (25/3) in Bali. This idea was initiated by the Indonesian Ambassador to Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Albania, Iwan Bogananta.

To realize this project, a large factory will be built in Bulgaria under the Bella Bulgarian company. Later, this factory will produce rendang in large quantities to be marketed in several European countries, including the Middle East.

Rendang Goes to Europe Photo: Instagram @sandiuno/ Instagram @williamwongso

In this case, Bella Bulgaria invites culinary expert William Wongso to help design the technical production of this rendang. William Wongso said that the production process was carried out in Bulgaria, but all of the raw materials for seasoning were imported from Indonesia.

“In Bulgaria, the factory is capable of producing hundreds of kilos of rendang at once. It is not made by hand, but entirely by machines. We cannot export beef from Indonesia, but all of the rendang and coconut milk from Indonesia,” said William Wongso when contacted by Detikcom (25 /3).

William Wongso also stated that the process of making spices in Indonesia will cooperate with micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) engaged in the production of rendang seasoning.

“The seasoning is there, but the taste is different from Indonesian spices, and the price is more expensive. So we have processed it in Indonesia as a ready-to-process rendang seasoning. Coconut milk is the same way,” continued William Wongso.

William Wongso admitted that this project had many challenges because it had to present delicious and authentic rendang but the process was made in a modern way. “It’s impossible in that factory to process marandang using a frying pan like in West Sumatra, but as much as possible the taste is the same,” said William Wongso, who said that the rendang factory is planned to be operational this year.

Besides being delicious, William Wongso also emphasized that the rendang which will be produced in Bulgaria must have a halal certificate.

rendangRendang Photo: istock

Iwan Bogananta as the initiator of Rendang Goes to Europe with the owner of Bella Bulgaria, Dimitri Ventilous visited the country to meet with stakeholders and work partners. The government also seems to be supporting this project.

In Sandiaga Uno’s Instagram upload, he expressed his pride in being able to introduce rendang to the international scene. “Onde Mande, Rancak Bana. Rendang Goes to Europe. Together with Nusantara culinary master Om William Wongso last night I launched ‘Rendang Goes to Europe’ as our concrete step to revitalize the economy, open new business opportunities and jobs in the culinary sector through the Indonesia Spice program Up The World,” said Sandi.

In this regard, Sandiaga also said that it was possible to promote other Indonesian culinary delights such as pempek to be popularized in Europe.

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