Creative! This Man Composes a Song about Nugget Cooking Tutorial


His mother likes to buy nuggets With various forms, this man was inspired to create a song about cooking nuggets. There is a funny story behind the lyrics.

In creating a work definitely requires inspiration. And that inspiration can come from anywhere, including from food. As experienced by a man named Refo.

His name became a netizen conversation for creating a song about cooking nuggets. The song has even been released on the Spotify music streaming platform.

“Plis really on Spotify there are artists named Refo and Fauna and one of the songs entitled ‘I Can Fried Nugget Alone’ has the best lyrics,” wrote the account @KocanDaddyRico.

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Song about fried nuggets tutorial Photo: iStock

The lyrics of the song about frying nuggets are very funny and adorable, here are the lyrics:

I can already
Fry your own nuggets
It’s easy
I see the way of presentation

Prepare the nuggets
The skillet is the same as the stove
Turn on the stove
Beware the fire is too big

If too big
Later it will burn
If it’s too small
It won’t die later

Prepare the plate
Make later put nuggets
That’s my way
Fried nuggets with style

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The song about fried nuggets tutorialSong lyrics about fried nuggets tutorial Photo: Spotify

To detikFood (27/03) Refo said that he was indeed inspired to create nuggets because his mother likes to buy nuggets. Even his mother collects various variants of nuggets.

“At that time, my mother really liked to collect Fiesta nuggets. From the dinosaurs, to the ones with cheese inside,” said Refo.

Not only that, there is a funny story behind the process of making lyrics. Refo said that the lyrics were inspired when he and his sister were hungry at night.

“I just asked my sister to fry it. Then she said she couldn’t, okay? because I was annoyed with him, I drafted the song, then I just sent it to his Whatsapp,” he said.

Refo and Fauna are Refo’s own music projects. He said that the music project was created when he was not working. “So if I’m productive, Refo and Fauna, it means I’m unemployed,” he concluded jokingly.

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