Curious about the Yamaha E01 ‘Electric NMax’? Can be tried by the general public next week


After waiting several months since it was first launched, Yamaha confirmed the electric motor Yamaha E01 Indonesian people will be able to try it in November 2022.

This electric motorbike, which is predicted to be the ‘Electric N-Max’, is certain to be Yamaha’s test bike at the Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) 2022. This allows IMOS visitors to experience it firsthand.

“What is certain is that the E01 test ride is also there,” said the Manager of Public Relations, YRA & Community, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), Antonius Widiantoro at the Yamaha E01 Media Test Ride event in Sentul on Tuesday (25/10/ 22).

Although its availability has been confirmed for testing by the public, Yamaha has not been able to confirm how many E01s have been prepared.

“I don’t know how many there will be, 1 or 2 for sure. Because the IMOS (area) test ride is small, that’s it. Maybe so people can try more, welcome to try at IMOS later,” said Anton.

Outside of the IMOS 2022 event, Yamaha is also scheduled to start the E01 test market as of November 2022. So for people who don’t get to test the E01 at IMOS 2022, they can still try out this electric motorcycle during the E01 market test period is still being held.

Yamaha E01Yamaha E01 Photo: Hafizh Gemilang/detikOto

The Yamaha E01 market test program will be officially held by Yamaha in Jakarta, Bandung, Medan and Bali.

The program is planned to be held for the next one year. In total there are 20 units of Yamaha E01 that Yamaha has prepared for this market test.

To participate in this program and directly test the Yamaha E01 electric motorcycle, there are several criteria and conditions prepared by Yamaha.

One of them is, for people who will later test the Yamaha E01 there is a time limit up to the radius of the test distance.

However, for IMOS 2022, Yamaha ensures that the testing will be carried out according to the test ride regulations of an exhibition event. So it’s less complicated and more limited.

“Nope. If it’s on IMOS because it’s a close track and the time is also short, yeah. And you can only try it there, it won’t be made like this (procedure). It will be easier, right,” concluded Anton.

Keep in mind, Yamaha E01 is an electric motor that is still a prototype. So for now, the circulation is only limited to the purposes of the test market and has not been sold.

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