Disgusting! Cooking Fried Chicken Even Flies Laying Eggs


Intention to cook chicken meat, user TikTok is even disgusted. Chicken meat that is ready to be cooked is even attacked by flies laying eggs on it.

Cleanliness is the main thing in all matters, including when preparing food. Make sure to store food in a closed place.

Because if left in the open, all possible bacteria and dirt will land on the food. As experienced by TikTok users with the @anggiakunfake account (24/03).

In her TikTok video, she recounts what happened when she was about to cook. It was confirmed by detikFood (27/03) at that time he wanted to make a dish in the form of fried chicken.

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Cook fried chicken with fly eggsCooking fried chicken with fly eggs Photo: TikTok @anggiakunfake

He also marinated the chicken meat inside Spice ungkep and let it sit for a while so the spices can seep in. However, when he was about to fry it, he found something disgusting.

The chicken meat being marinated was infested with flies. Not only that, the flies are even laying their eggs which makes it even more disgusting.

His TikTok video also shows how the fly lays eggs. “This afternoon, when I was about to fry chicken, suddenly there were green flies,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that he did not make fried chicken. Because flies were laying eggs, he decided to throw away the chicken meat.

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Cook fried chicken with fly eggsBecause it was infested with flies, TikTok users immediately threw away the chicken. Photo: TikTok @anggiakunfake

“In the end, I didn’t eat, I threw the chicken away,” he said.

This is not the first time this has happened. This proves how important it is to store food in a closed place. Even food vendors also often experience the same thing.

Like a cilok seller who has gone viral, for example. Then there are also housewives who intend to make fried shrimp when they are cooked, but flies lay eggs.

Anggi’s video went viral and received responses from netizens. Many netizens give suggestions so that this does not happen again.

“Make it a habit to close food already cooked,” wrote a netizen.

“Every time I want to eat the side dishes, I’m afraid that there will be something like that,” wrote another netizen.

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