Don’t worry, old Citroen cars can be serviced at official workshops


After 28 years of absence, the French car brand, Citroen, returns to Indonesia through the Indomobil Group umbrella. Not only selling new vehicles, they will also provide after-sales services for consumers in the country. Then, do they accept old Citroen car service services?

It is known that Citroen last sold cars in Indonesia in 1994. That is why, the vehicles that are currently circulating on the highway are mostly older models of old output.

Indomobil Group’s Business Development Manager, Stefan Hutahayan, ensures that old Citroen cars can be serviced at official repair shops, which will soon be inaugurated in Jakarta. His party guarantees to provide spare parts and other components needed.

“An old Citroen car can be (served at an official repair shop), we can also work on spare parts. But it’s possible that the pivot will not be ready right away,” Stefan said when talking with media crew at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), North Jakarta.

Old Citroen car illustration.Old Citroen car illustration. Photo credit:

Not only that, according to Stefan, the price of spare parts will also be high. Because, most likely it was imported directly from Citroen’s production center in France.

“So the point is for spare parts to be specially ordered and the price is most likely not cheap either. Well… it’s quite expensive,” he said.

Having failed in the Indonesian car market, Citroen did not want to make the same mistake. Now, together with the Indomobil Group, they intend to present superior cars at competitive prices. Not only that, they will also set up many dealers including the possibility of building an assembly plant.

“We want to forget the past (Citroen), we want to focus on the present. Because, before that, Citroen was not yet with the Indomobil Group. We want to introduce to customers that Citroen brings new technology that suits the preferences of Indonesian consumers,” said the Indomobil Group Advisory Board. , Tan Kim Piauw.

In the near future, or to be precise early next month, Citroen will launch a new product in Indonesia. Unfortunately, they do not want to elaborate further on the model. However, news circulated, the car that was launched was not just one, but more.

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