Dream of Owning a Lexus LM 350 Luxury MPV like a Conglomerate? Check out the monthly installments


The Lexus LM 350 is the most luxurious Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPV) car in Indonesia. This car also targets Indonesian conglomerates. Interested in having it? Check out the prices and installments for the Lexus LM 350, let’s go!

The Lexus LM 350 offers luxury, the price is also more expensive than even the highest Toyota Alphard. For your information, currently there are two variants of the Lexus LM 350 which are sold starting at Rp. 2,423,000,000 (7-seater) and Rp. 3,063,000,000 (4-seater). Then how about the installments?

The detikcom team tried to do a credit simulation on one of the pages of a financial institution. The credit scheme chosen is Prepaid Installment (ADDM) with a 25% DP and comprehensive insurance in Jakarta.

  • Lexus LM 350 7-seater Rp 2,423,000,000

TDP: IDR 807,973,063
12 months: IDR 156,737,813

TDP: IDR 765,555,419
24 months: IDR 81,549,094

TDP: IDR 765,045,580
36 months: IDR 56,688,105

TDP: IDR 798,053,907
48 months: IDR 44,749,782

TDP: IDR 820,799,819
60 months: IDR 38,843,719

  • Lexus LM 350 4-Seater Rp 3,063,000,000

TDP: IDR 1,020,093,063
12 months: IDR 198,137,813

TDP: IDR 966,471,419
24 months: IDR 103,089,094

TDP: IDR 965,826,913
36 months: IDR 71,661,438

TDP: IDR 1,007,553,907
48 months: IDR 56,569,782

TDP: IDR 1,036,307,819
60 months: IDR 49,103,719

The Lexus LM 350 was introduced at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2019. This MPV, which is based on the Toyota Alphard, was then marketed in 2020.

Lexus LM luxury MPV on display at the Shanghai Auto ShowLexus LM 350 Photo: Lexus

Dimensionally, this car has a size similar to the Toyota Alphard because it is built from the same base, which is 5,040 mm in length, 1,850 mm in width, 1,895 mm in height and 3,000 mm in wheelbase.

In terms of exterior, the thing that makes the difference with the Alphard is the LM 350 sprindle grille adopted from the LX 500.

Lexus Indonesia also enlivened GIIAS 2019. The manufacturer, which targets Indonesian conglomerates, has leaked one of the luxury cars that will launch in 2020.Lexus LM 350 4-seater Photo: Doc. Lexus

This car has a private space for passengers. Because the Lexus LM 350 adopts a double layer anti-noise glass. Passengers can also enjoy a 26-inch monitor screen, which also acts as a partition separating privacy from the driver’s room.

In addition, the conglomerates who bring it can operate features such as adjusting the seat position, adjusting the room temperature and audio for the rear private room with the sound system of Mark Levinson19 speakers for entertainment using the touch screen panel located between the two rear seats. Comfort is further supported by a coolerbox with a capacity of 14 liters.

Lexus Indonesia also enlivened GIIAS 2019. The manufacturer, which targets Indonesian conglomerates, has leaked one of the luxury cars that will launch in 2020.Lexus LM 350 7-seater Photo: Doc. Lexus

For the Indonesian market, the Lexus LM 350 is equipped with a 3,500 cc V6 engine that can spit out 297 hp with a Direct Shift 8-AT automatic transmission.

Interestingly, the Lexus LM 350 has adopted Swing Valve ShockAbsorbers, a new technology with an ultra-low velocity valve which is a first in the world.

This innovation uses two hydraulic valves to ensure proper damping force is provided when the slightest movement is experienced in the wheels and suspension of the car.

With this suspension technology, it provides a comfortable and quiet ride and vehicle stability, when starting to accelerate or when driving at high speeds on the highway. This technology was first introduced in the world on the Lexus ES sedan, which functions so that the car has minimal shocks.

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