Dubbed the ‘Snail’ Bus because it’s Slow on the Toll Road, this is what the boss of PO Sinar Jaya said


Sinar Jaya Bus is one of the big names in the Inter-City Inter-Provincial (AKAP) transportation industry in Indonesia. In addition, this bus gets the nickname ‘snail’ because it is considered too slow when traveling on the Trans Java toll road. What are the comments from the boss of Sinar Jaya’s PO (Autobus Company)?

PO Sinar Jaya was established in 1982 in Bekasi, West Java. Sinar Jaya buses offer a variety of transportation services, ranging from tour trips, employee pick-up services, city buses, including participating in Transjakarta services.

This transportation company based in Cibitung, Bekasi also serves routes between cities in Java, such as Surabaya, Jogja, Semarang, Tegal, Cilacap, Wonosobo, Solo, Pekalongan, Purwokerto, and many others.

Having a very large fleet, it is very easy to find Sinar Jaya buses on the Trans Java toll road. But on the other hand, the Sinar Jaya bus was nicknamed the ‘snail’ because it was considered too slow when crossing the freeway.

President Director of PT Sinar Jaya Megah Langgeng, Teddy Rusly also commented on the nickname given to the PO he leads. According to Teddy, PO Sinar Jaya is only trying to comply with traffic regulations on toll roads.

“How do we apply management, the main thing is to passengers. Although many people say Sinar Jaya is a ‘conch’, so I heard that,” said Teddy at the Laksana Headquarters, Ungaran, Semarang (19/4).

President Director of PT Sinar Jaya Megah Langgeng, Teddy RuslyPresident Director of PT Sinar Jaya Megah Langgeng, Teddy Rusly Photo: Screenshot Youtube Laksanabus

“Snails are okay. So that’s a regulation required by the government, because the speed on the toll road should be 90 km/hour for buses. We prioritize passenger safety,” continued Teddy.

For information, the speed limit of vehicles on the road has been regulated to prevent accident fatalities. Vehicle speed limits are regulated in Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation.

Especially for highways (tolls) outside the city, the lowest speed limit is set with an absolute limit of 60 km/hour in free flow conditions and a maximum of 100 km/hour. Meanwhile, for driving on inner-city toll roads, the minimum driving speed is 60 km/hour, the maximum driving speed is 80 km/hour.

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