Duh, the owner of the Xpander car who is angry with the parking attendant is suspected of being in tax arrears


Viral on social media, car drivers are angry with parking attendants because parking tickets are lost and there is a difference between the vehicle number plate and the STNK. Later, it was suspected that the Mitsubishi Xpander he was riding was allegedly also in arrears in paying taxes.

The incident where the car driver was angry with the parking attendants occurred at Jogja City Mall (JCM), Sunday (17/4/2022). The incident went viral on social media after the video footage was posted by the @nengutets account on Twitter.

The commotion started when the car driver lost his parking ticket. Then the parking attendant asked the driver to show the STNK.

However, the number plate of the car was different from the one on the STNK. The parking attendants were reluctant to open the gate and it led to a commotion.

“So, guys… The number plate that is used is the same as the original number plate (which is on the STNK) is different… Ma’am doesn’t want to open the ticket bar until Mas SPV (red shirt) comes. It’s a risk, isn’t it, huh… No tickets Yes, the number plate is different. That’s why I opened the trunk to show the original plate,” he added.

From the viral video, some netizens found that the number plate on the Mistubishi Xpander car turned out to be out of tax, aka the Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) has not been paid.

It is the owner of the Twitter account @andrejeconia who revealed the allegations. He uploaded a screenshot showing the white number plate of the Mitsubishi Xpander.

After detikOto traced the police number through the vehicle tax check application, the tax details appeared indicating the driver had not been paid off.

It is stated that the vehicle is a Mitsubishi Xpander 1.5 L Exceed-K (4×2) M/T produced in 2019. In the data that appears, the end date of the PKB for the car is August 22, 2020 (22-08-22).

In the data it is explained that the amount of the Road Traffic Accident Fund Compulsory Contribution (SWDKLLJ) is Rp. 286,000. However, the driver was subject to a SWDKLLJ fine of Rp. 200,000.

Then below that there is the basic cost of the Mitsubishi Xpander PKB, which is IDR 5,512,600. However, because the payment was in arrears, the car was subject to a fine of Rp. 2,811,500. The estimated total after bleaching is IDR 5,998,600.

If it is totaled as a whole (before the bleaching) then the driver is in arrears in taxes with a total of IDR 8,810,100. The amount described is an estimated estimate.

Xpander taxes in arrearsMitsubishi Xpander tax whose owner is angry with the parking attendant Photo: ist.

Motor Vehicle Tax Already Regulated in Regional Regulation

According to Regional Regulation Number 2 of 2015 concerning Motorized Vehicle Taxes, all persons or entities owning motorized vehicles are subject to tax on the ownership and/or control of such motorized vehicles.

The motor vehicles referred to in this regulation are the types of wheeled vehicles and their trailers that are used on all types of land roads and are driven by motor power.

Motor Vehicle Tax Objects consist of:

1. Ownership and/or control of motorized vehicles

2. Included in the definition of motorized vehicle:

Motorized vehicles operated in water with a gross tonnage size of GT 5 (five Gross Tonnage) to GT 7 (seven Gross Tonnage). Then wheeled vehicles and their trailers which are operated on land.

The motor vehicle tax is divided into two, namely the annual motor vehicle tax and the five-year motor vehicle tax.

For the annual motor vehicle tax, this is a type of routine tax that must be paid every year. This tax treatment is the same as Income Tax (PPh) which must also be paid regularly.

Meanwhile, the five-year motor vehicle tax is a type of routine tax that must be paid every five years. Not only have to pay taxes, there is a change in vehicle number plates and vehicle registration as well.

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