Durian Lovers Must Know… Baduy Harvest Durian Here!


For durian lovers, don’t miss tasting this one fruit from the interior of the Baduy tribe, Lebak Regency, Banten. The reason is, Baduy residents are harvesting durian fruit which is famous for its legit taste.

A resident of Baduy, Asmun, said that the end of March is the time to harvest durian. Not infrequently, many tourists who deliberately come to eat this fruit directly in the Baduy village.

“Now it’s season again. Every day many people come to the house asking for durian,” said Asmun using Sundanese, Saturday (26/3/2022).

The harvest this time, he said, yielded good quality fruit. It tastes sweet and has thick durian flesh. Baduy durian, he continued, has a white color and some are golden yellow. Usually, durian is eaten together with bitter black coffee.

Baduy tribe harvesting durian Photo: (Special doc)

Asmun said that there are a lot of durian stocks in Baduy. He predicts durian will still be available until next May. “January-December, now there are many more. Maybe until Lebaran this is the season,” he said.

The price of one durian is Rp. 30,000. For those who cannot visit Baduy, he also accepts orders for deliveries outside the region.

“There are also those who call me asking to be sent to Tangerang or Jakarta,” he explained.

Furthermore, he reminded tourists who will visit Baduy to taste durian to respect the applicable customary law. This is because Baduy people are in the middle of carrying out the Kawalu tradition. So, tourists are asked to only come to Baduy outside.

“Yes, it’s still Kawalu, you can’t go inside (Inner Baduy),” he concluded.

Baduy tribe harvesting durianBaduy tribe harvesting durian Photo: (Special doc)

Meanwhile, a resident named Rasya admitted that she had come to Baduy to hunt durian. He used to come to taste the Baduy durian which is famous for its legit taste.

“This Baduy durian is delicious, it’s unique in taste. So it’s a shame if there are more, but not here,” he concluded.

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