Eating at AYCE Restaurant, this man is upset because he is prohibited from adding shrimp


Eat at a concept restaurant All You Can Eat, This man was annoyed because he was not allowed to add shrimp. Even though he had already paid Rp. 136,000.

All You Can Eat (AYCE) restaurant is a restaurant that offers a concept where visitors can enjoy all the available menus with only one payment.

For example, by paying Rp. 99,000 you can enjoy all the menus and usually have 90 minutes to eat. That’s why AYCE restaurants are popular and in high demand.

However, a man in Malaysia had an unpleasant experience when he dined at an AYCE restaurant. He felt annoyed because he was forbidden to add shrimp when he should be able to eat as much as he wanted.

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You can’t eat at AYCE restaurants. Photo: Facebook

His experience was shared by him through the group Facebook. He said that the restaurant where he ate was located in the Johor Bahru area, Malaysia. He had paid Rp 136,000 to enjoy the AYCE steamboat there.

“I only took a small plate of shrimp. Why is it limited? This is a buffet, all you can eat,” he wrote as quoted from Weird Kaya (16/03).

Furthermore, the man was told by the waiter there that the reason he was not allowed to add shrimp was because the shrimp were rationed for other diners so as not to run out.

“It’s better to make dinner a la carte then. No need for a steamboat buffet like this,” he wrote again.

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You can't eat at AYCE restaurantsShrimp taken by the male end Photo: Facebook

In his upload, the man also showed the shrimp he had taken. He asked netizens if he took too many shrimp, so he was not allowed to add more?

Because of the incident, he confirmed that will not return to the restaurant. His upload was immediately responded to by netizens who also felt annoyed.

“I’ve been there a few years ago. The restaurant is dirty, the seafood is not fresh and the service is bad, I wonder why they still survive,” wrote a netizen.

“I’ve also been there and it will be the first and last for me. I ordered crab, but it wasn’t fresh and the meat was little,” wrote another netizen.

Furthermore, netizens are of the opinion that if a restaurant applies the AYCE concept, then it should not limit diners from ordering food. After all, eat at the restaurant AYCE there is a time of its own.

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