Eating Sushi for the First Time, This Man Calls Sushi Like Cheese Tart


The first time he ate Japanese sushi, this Malaysian Indian man called the salmon sushi menu a cheese tart. Because it looks similar.

The moment people taste certain foods for the first time is indeed funny and entertaining. Their innocent reactions when they eat food for the first time, often become unforgettable moments and invite laughter.

Like the experience of TikTok user from Malaysia @thaherofath (11/05). At that time he and his friend were eating at one of the popular Sushi King restaurant outlets there. This sushi place is famous for its wide selection of fresh sushi and the prices are still affordable.

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“My friend ate at Sushi King for the first time, sorry for him,” wrote Fath, complete with a short video of himself and his friend who is of Malaysian Indian descent. There they were seen ordering a lot of food. Including the mainstay menu at Sushi King, namely Salmon Nishoku.

A mix of raw salmon rolled up with mayonnaise. The appearance of the yellow-orange color of the salmon and mayo is indeed similar to the appearance of a rolled sponge, and the color is similar to a cheese tart. So don’t be surprised if Fath’s friends think that they will eat cheese tart.

“Wow, why is there a cheese tart here?” asked his friend who had eaten sushi there for the first time. The video was immediately cut off, highlighting the innocent expression of his friend Fath who couldn’t wait to eat cheese tar which was actually salmon with mayo.

Eating Sushi for the First Time, This Man Calls Sushi Like Cheese TartEating Sushi for the First Time, This Man Calls Sushi Like Cheese Tart Photo: TikTok @thehrofath

Many netizens immediately gave their various comments about the presence of this cheese tart.

“I was surprised to hear his friend said that salmon sushi was a cheese tart even though they were at a sushi restaurant,” commented @wh**.

“AHAHAHAHA that’s not a cheese tart bang. He said that with an innocent face, it doesn’t make sense to eat sushi, suddenly there is a cheese tart but uses mayonnaise,” commented @eis**.

“I rarely eat sushi, and have never eaten at a Sushi King restaurant. But I know that it must be salmon, not cheese tart hahaha,” wrote @the**

There were netizens who asked Fath to tell his friends to eat the cheese tart he called it. Fath replied that he had told his friend to taste this salmon cheese tart, but his friend refused.

“I told him to eat, but he didn’t want to eat, because he didn’t like it raw,” concluded Fath.

This video was immediately watched more than 300 thousand times, and liked by 33.9 thousand TikTok users. There are over 504 comments entered there.

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