Enjoying the Joy of Camping at Green Grass Cikole

West Bandung

Staying at a hotel with family is fun, but camper in the open is no less fun. In West Bandung, West Java, there are several camp sites that offer exciting activities. One of them is in Green Grass Cikole Lembang which is managed by Perhutani.

Location of Green Grass Cikole

Green Grass is in Cikole, District. Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java. For those from Jakarta, Green Grass can be accessed via Subang, if you don’t want to get stuck in traffic jams in Bandung.

Camping with CampervanGreen Grass Cikole Lembang Photo: Dadan Kuswaraharja

Green Grass is located at the foot of Mount Tangkuban Perahu, so during the trip we can see stunning mountain views. Green Grass has a pine forest with green grass as its name implies.

Type of camping site

This camping site provides several choices of camper types from standard or regular to campervans. Adjust to the budget and needs of each.

If a traveler wants to feel a real camper, they can choose one in a standard location. Car or motorbike users can rent as long as they book in advance, so they can get a place.

Enjoying the morning atmosphere at the Cikole Camping Ground, Lambang, BandungEnjoying the morning atmosphere at Camping Ground Green Grass Cikole, Lembang, Bandung Photo: Dadan Kuswaraharja

Regular camping rates are as follows:
Entrance ticket IDR 30 thousand/person/day
2 wheel ticket Rp. 6 thousand/unit/day
4 Wheel Ticket IDR 15 thousand/unit/day
6 Wheel Ticket IDR 25 thousand/unit/day

Then there is the campervan park. It’s different in the campervan location, which provides a sink and faucet for washing dishes outside, as well as an electric plug. detikTravel tried this type of campervan.

Camping with CampervanCamping with Campervan at Green Grass Cikole Photo: Dadan Kuswaraharja

The entrance ticket to Campervan Park is IDR 30 thousand per person / night, with a carpot ticket of IDR 150 thousand / carpot / night.

Facilities of Green Grass Cikole

There are several rides provided by Perhutani, ranging from paintball, archery, target shooting, or the most sought after by children, namely riding along the campground. If you want to ride a traveler, you will be charged Rp. 40 thousand.

For cleanliness, this camping location is quite clean, there are officers who come to the camping site to pick up trash. But it’s good we prepare our own trash.

Unfortunately, for this large location, the toilets available at Green Grass are still relatively few. For the campervan location that we occupied, there were only 10 clean toilets available, so it didn’t feel like it was comparable to the visitors who came.

Moreover, the school holiday season like this, the density of visitors makes many queues at the toilet. Not to mention that some of the water toilets are small.

Another challenge faced when camping in Lembang is when visitors are crowded, the electricity at the location goes up and down, aka on and off. Be wary of traveler’s electronic devices.

If a traveler wants to take a vacation while working or a workcation that relies on connections, it seems that at this location it is difficult to get a connection. Only detiktravel mobile phone connections that use 2 different providers sometimes come and go. So if you want to upload camping activities to social media, it’s best to just go camping.

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