Especially for manual motorbike riders, this is how to take care of the correct clutch


Although currently there are far more users of automatic motorcycles when viewed based on the results of motorcycle sales each year, it does not mean that manual motorists have lost their fans. Now for detikers who are still riding a manual motorbike, it’s a good idea to keep checking the clutch pads, because the clutch is an important device for manual motorbikes.

As explained by Yamaha in its official broadcast to detikOto, the clutch lining is important, because the motorcycle clutch lining has the function of connecting the engine speed to the transmission gear. If there is a problem, it is certain that manual detikers motorbikes are guaranteed to be uncomfortable to ride.

Now for manual motorcyclists, you definitely have to know the signs when the clutch lining has a problem and needs to be replaced. One of the indications that the clutch lining must be replaced is none other than the occurrence of a slip when shifting gears and the motor becomes powerless.

Then how do you take care of a good clutch lining, so that it can be used for quite a long time. Main Dealer Yamaha PT. Thamrin Brothers (South Sumatra & Bengkulu) gave their tips.

1. Driving style

When you stop n go, keep the engine speed / rpm not too high, because it will cause friction on the clutch lining to increase.

Yamaha R15Yamaha R15 Photo: Doc. Yamaha

2. Don’t hold the clutch half too often

When riding a motorcycle, if you want to reach a certain speed, don’t hold the clutch half too often, because it can cause even greater friction.

3. Coupling settings

When setting the motorcycle clutch, it is recommended not to have too much gap between the handle and the motorcycle lever.

4. Routinely change the oil and filter

Because the motorcycle clutch is located inside the engine where engine oil also lubricates the clutch components, if the quality of the engine oil is not good it is advisable to change the oil and filter immediately, so that the lubricant function works optimally to reduce friction and extend the life of the clutch lining. It is also recommended to use standard oil from each type of motor.

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