Even though it’s already Euro 4, Mitsubishi New Colt L300 is able to ‘drink’ Bio Solar


PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) introduced the New Colt L300 diesel Euro 4 with prices starting at IDR 213,650,000, as well as responding to government instructions that want vehicles in Indonesia to have Euro 4 standards. ‘Drink’ Bio Solar which incidentally has Euro 2 standards.

As stated by the Director of Sales & Marketing Division of PT MMKSI, Tetsuhiro Tsuchida in the virtual launch of the Mitsubishi New Colt L300 Diesel, Tuesday (28/6/2022).

“For the Mitsubishi New Colt L300, we recommend that consumers carry out regular maintenance, the use of Eruo 4 fuel which is expected to make better and more efficient performance. Because using the right fuel (BBM) can provide more benefits for consumers,” said Tsuchida .

“But if consumers don’t get the right fuel, we recommend more routine replacement of the fuel filter and more intense maintenance. But we make sure, when using Euro 2, this will not make the car die suddenly, it will never be like that,” Tsuchida added. .

Mitsubishi New Colt L300Mitsubishi New Colt L300 Photo: Pool (MMKSI)

On the same occasion the Director of Sales and Marketing Division of PT MMKSI, Irwan Kuncoro also said the same thing and ensured that following government regulations to be able to apply the Euro 4 specification to all Mitsubishi diesel engine vehicles, MMKSI rushed to gradually adjust their diesel line up to have Euro specifications. 4.

“Starting from the Pajero Euro 4, Triton Euro 4, now with the L300 Euro 4, it completes the entire line-up of Mitsubishi which has Euro 4 specifications. So what if consumers have no choice and only have biodiesel, no need to worry, the wrong fuel will not work. directly damage the engine, but it needs regular maintenance,” said Irwan.

“We have anticipated the possibility of this happening by perfecting after-sales, especially fast moving spare parts to support updates and upgrades contained in the New Colt L300, spare parts can be found everywhere,” Irwan added.

For the record, the New Colt L300 is now more powerful, equipped with a new 2,268 cc diesel engine with the 4N14-DOHC 4 Cylinder In line model, Direct Injection, Inter Cooler Common Rail Turbocharger. This engine produces 99.25 Ps/3,500 RPM of power and 200 Nm/ 1,000-3,500 RPM of torque which is about 40% more than the previous model to support more payload and with more traction.

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