Exciting Exploring Kandar Village, Learning Weaving Traditions-Welcoming Traditional Dances

Tanimbar Islands

If you have the opportunity to visit the Tanimbar Islands, Maluku, don’t forget to take the time to explore the tourist village in Kandar, Selaru District. This village on one of the outer islands of Indonesia has a variety of charms that are a pity to miss.

Instead of being a natural tourist spot, in Kandar Village you can enjoy unique and interesting cultural tours to explore. However, you can still enjoy the panoramic view of the clean beaches. However, if you want to play in the water on the beach, you have to think again because the beach in this village is a coral beach which may not be suitable as a swimming spot.

Based on information from the Department of Cooperatives, SMEs, and Transmigration of the Tanimbar Islands, Kandar Village has been designated as a developed village because almost 90% of the community empowers through ikat weaving. No wonder, if you visit Kandar, you can find looms in almost every citizen’s house.

Weaving is usually done by village women in groups in dasawisma associations. But there are also those who weave at home with family members across generations. Not infrequently, you can also find elementary school-aged girls who are already actively weaving. The reason is, weaving skills seem to be a natural talent for the people in Kandar in particular, and in Selaru in general.

“The current weaving process has been carried out from the old parents, our ancestors. This has been encouraged and maintained continuously for generations, until now even children at school age can weave,” said Kandar Village Head, Harold Wilson Halirat, to detik.com.

Borderlines Photo: detikcom/Agung Pambudhy

The women in Kandar Village will not hesitate to share information about weaving to the newcomers. Starting from the process of spinning threads, dyeing threads, making tie motifs, to the final process of weaving.

You can also get to know various types of motifs while chatting casually with the weavers in Kandar Village. If you are lucky, you can also find products and the manufacture of old woven fabrics that are increasingly rare today. The reason is, this old cloth is made from cotton raw material, the process is quite complicated and the price can be exorbitant, which can reach Rp 10 million or more.

Thanks to this weaving tradition, Kandar Village received an award from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in the 2021 Tourism Village Award event. Kandar Village is included in the top 300 tourist villages from a total of 1,831 participants and is the only village representative of the Tanimbar Islands Regency at this national level event. .

Weaving from Kandar Village was also introduced at another big event, the celebration of MTQ Maluku XXIX. With this, the typical Tanimbar ikat weaving from Kandar Village is not only known within the district, but has begun to be introduced on the provincial and national levels.