Exciting! The Action of a Teacher Who Participates in Cooking Practice with His Students, Makes Many Netizens Envy


A teacher from Sumba, NTT received special attention after uploading his close relationship with his students. This includes having fun participating in cooking and eating practices with the students.

Soalihin Asdin, an educator who is now in charge of teaching at a school in Sumba. He managed to grab the attention of netizens after uploading moments of closeness with his students.

One of his videos that went viral on TikTok was the moment when Soalihin recorded cooking with the students.

“Accompany the guardians in the practice of cooking traditional food. Let’s just have fun, because they are about to graduate. So I am their homeroom teacher since grade 7 until now grade 9,” said Soalihin in a video confirmed by Detikcom (11/3).

Teacher Who Participates in Cooking Practice Photo: TikTok @pakgurihitssumba

This bespectacled man is also busy helping to cook. Soalihin grated coconuts, helped cook and even served food to eat with his students.

Because their school is located in a quite remote village, the cooking process is still done traditionally. The cooking utensils are still very traditional, including the wood-fired stove.

All the students seemed very familiar with Soalihin. Sometimes they even joke and laugh together.

The video uploaded by Soalihin immediately received praise from netizens. Many hope to have a fun teacher like Soalihin. Not a few also say that this Soalihin must be an idol teacher.

“Come on, teachers in Indonesia, try like this father, surely all students will rejoice,” said a netizen.

“Surely when you graduate, you will really miss the teacher.
the spirit of the father,” said another netizen.

“If you have a teacher who is friendly, funny, I’m not afraid to learn, I’m even enthusiastic, you know and it makes an impression on my heart until I’m old,” praised the netizen.

When confirmed by Detikcom (11/3), Soalihin admitted that the video he made was just for fun and the purpose was as a keepsake. He also admitted that he wanted to increase the moments before the graduation of his students.

“That’s again the practice of cooking in PRIVATE subjects. I’m not the teacher, I’m their homeroom teacher IX A. I’ve accompanied them as homeroom teachers since they were in class VII until now in class IX, I just want to make more moments with them before graduating,” said Ask Detikcom.

The man who teaches at SMPN 1 Laboya Barat admitted that he has often made videos with his students since the beginning of teaching in 2019. However, all videos are only kept as mementos. Only recently did he upload it via TikTok.

“I’ve always made videos with them since I first served there in 2019, only the videos have only recently been uploaded to social media in the past year. The goal is really for memories, so all moments are spontaneous without being drafted,” explained Soalihin.

Teachers Who Participate in Cooking PracticeTeacher Who Participates in Cooking Practice Photo: TikTok @pakgurihitssumba

The teacher for this science subject also tells the condition of the students in the place where he teaches. The majority of students don’t have cellphones, even in Gaura Village, where this school is located, it’s difficult to signal and there is no electricity.

“I’m happy that many netizens are praised and entertained, I hope they take the positive things. But there are also many who blaspheme and reprimand because they see the video from a negative point of view without knowing our cultural background in Sumba,” explained Soalihin.

This Bachelor of Biology graduate is not only active in making TikTok video content. He also often makes short Sumba films which are uploaded via the Pak Guru Hits Sumba YouTube channel. Currently his YouTube channel already has up to 100 thousand subscribers.

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