Extreme! This Woman Eats Instant Noodles Using Sago Caterpillar Topping


Not eggs and corned beef, this woman makes instant noodles with extreme toppings. In the form of a live sago caterpillar that is still squirming.

Instant noodles can indeed be created with various toppings. Generally, toppings that are often combined with instant noodles are eggs, mustard greens, meatballs, corned beef and cheese.

These toppings are considered to enhance the taste of the instant noodles. However, it is different from a woman named Desi Anggraini who has her own creations.

He added an unusual and somewhat extreme topping, namely sago caterpillar. His instant noodle creation was showcased through his TikTok account @dsdellllll.

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Instant noodles with sago caterpillar topping Photo: TikTok @dsdellllll

Even in the video, the caterpillar sago looked still writhing and fat. In front of the camera, Desi also shows herself enjoying instant noodles with sago caterpillar topping.

If you look at it, it’s quite extreme. However, this sago caterpillar is a food that contains high amounts of protein. Sago caterpillars as food are already popular in Papua.

Usually the people of Papua consume sago caterpillars raw. However, there are also those who process it by burning like satay or some are stir-fried with spices.

The video immediately went viral and received many comments from netizens. Not a few netizens felt pain when they saw Desi’s action while eating sago caterpillars that were still squirming.

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Instant noodles with sago caterpillar toppingInstant noodles with sago caterpillar topping viral on TikTok Photo: TikTok @dsdellllll

“Originally I got goosebumps, aren’t there eggs there?,” wrote a netizen.

“Please, I’m really horrified to see it. The caterpillar is still moving,” wrote another netizen.

Confirmed by detikFood (11/03), this TikTok user is already used to eating sago caterpillars. Even in other TikTok videos, there are also those who show themselves cooking sago caterpillars.

Seen in the video, he cut the body of the sago caterpillar. Then, he cooked it by mixing the spices. New then he ate up.

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