Far from Expectations, Zonk Foods Disappoint Customers


Not just one or two events, accept zonk makanan food experienced by many customers. Everything about zonk food, which was viral on the internet, is summarized by detikfood.

When buying food, of course, nothing is expected other than food that comes according to order and has a shape that is indeed tempting. Whether buying food online or buying it in person, of course, customers want to get the best food.

But not infrequently there are some places to eat that fail to serve food according to the picture they show. Either the content is too little or even the quirky color that shouldn’t be like that.

Considered failing or not meeting customer expectations, these foods are known as zonk foods. Many funny stories are shared by the victims of this zonk food on social media.

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One of the latest stories from zonk food is when a netizen shared the stuffing of a burger he bought from a street vendor. Looks so tempting, this netizen also hopes to help small businesses from street vendors.

But when he got home he actually found something unexpected. There was something strange about the pile of burgers, this netizen made a direct inspection of the stuffing of the burger and it was true that there was a whole piece of half-fruit onion that was put in the burger pile.

Besides, the story zonk makanan food also experienced by a group of students who were busy on vacation by staying at a hotel. Like other hotel guests, this group of students went down to the restaurant to order food to satisfy their hunger.

Ordered a steak for IDR 220 thousand, when the food they ordered was served they were surprised. Two pieces of broccoli, four carrots, two small pieces of beef, and a few slices of roast turkey look unkempt on a plate.

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A similar incident related to other zonk foods was even experienced by a netizen who was visiting a fast food fried chicken outlet. Ordering a package of fried chicken, this netizen from China found toilet paper that was fried and hidden in a crispy flour.

This zonk food never fails to provoke the emotions of netizens from laughing to those who claim to be disgusted and lose their appetite when they see it. The reason is that not a few zonk foods are actually funny and resemble other objects.

In this review, detikfood will discuss everything about zonk makanan food which went viral on social media. Starting from foreign objects that are not expected to be in food to forms of food that do not meet expectations and make the connoisseurs fail to enjoy eating food.

The information provided will certainly be entertaining and fun to listen to. So don’t forget to continue to monitor reviews about foods that don’t meet expectations at detikfood, OK!

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