Ferrari 296 GTB, Has ‘Silent Mode’ but Still Fierce


The latest Ferrari 296 GTB supercar has finally launched in Indonesia. After we tried it at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia, some time ago, this time detikcom had the opportunity to test the Ferrari 296 GTB directly on the highway in Jakarta.

This Ferrari 296 GTB is one of the supercars that carries hybrid technology. Not an ordinary hybrid, the Ferrari 296 GTB is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system, the battery can be charged with a plug at home and has a silent mode, namely eDrive which relies solely on electric power.

On paper, the Ferrari 296 GTB which has a 7.45 kWh battery capacity is capable of traveling 25 km without a drop of gasoline. Carrying the eDrive mode, the acceleration is still fierce typical of a Ferrari car.

On the occasion of the autotest on the highway this time, we first tried the eDrive mode. With this mode, the V6 engine with a capacity of 2,992 cc twin-turbo powered 663 PS must rest first. The roar of the V6 engine did not come out. Instead, the Ferrari 296 GTB in eDrive mode only uses an electric motor that produces 167 PS.

Ferrari 296 GTBFerrari 296 GTB Photo: (Rangga Rahadiansyah/detikcom)

At the beginning it was a bit strange when driving a Ferrari but it didn’t make a sound with this ‘silent mode’. However, a typical Ferrari car acceleration from low to high speed is very instant, even though it only relies on eDrive mode. This eDrive mode can be driven up to a speed of about 120 km / h.

Satisfied with the eDrive mode, we explored the various driving modes available on the eManittino located on the left-hand side of the steering wheel. Besides eDrive, there are also Hybrid, Performance and Qualify modes.

With Hybrid mode, when the gas pedal is pressed calmly, the car runs on its battery. But when the gas pedal is stepped deeper, the 2,992 cc twin-turbo V6 engine immediately roars. With a combination of an electric motor and a V6 engine, it feels like this Ferrari 296 GTB wants to always be invited to run fast.

Ferrari 296 GTBFerrari 296 GTB Photo: (Rangga Rahadiansyah/detikcom)

That’s just Hybrid mode, in Performance and Quality mode the energy is even more fierce. Touching high speed above 100 km / h feels very fast. Fortunately Ferrari embed features that make us confident. Such as the latest ABS Evo with Six-Way Chassis Dynamic Sensor (6w-CDS) which can keep the car under control even in difficult conditions; slip guard or Electronic Side Slip Control (eSSC); traction guard or Electronic Traction Control (sTC); to the Electronic Hydraulic Differential System (eDiff) feature.

Ferrari 296 GTBFerrari 296 GTB Photo: (Rangga Rahadiansyah/detikcom)

Stay Comfortable on the Wavy Road

As an illustration, we tried this Ferrari 296 GTB in the Pantai Indah Kapuk area, Jakarta. There are several street locations that use paving blocks. The road with paving blocks is bumpy.

Usually, supercars that must have good handling in corners have a hard suspension character. However, thanks to the ‘Bumpy Road Mode’ feature, this Ferrari 296 GTB feels comfortable to use on bumpy roads.

This Bumpy Road feature automatically turns on when the Manettino button points to Wet driving mode. For other modes, the Bumpy Road feature can be activated by pressing a button.

The Lifting feature that will slightly lift the ground clearance of the Ferrari 296 GTB is also very useful on bumpy roads or when crossing bridges or on the boundary between flat roads and incline such as entering a mall lobby. The Lifting feature works at a maximum speed of 30 km/hour. With this feature, the suspension will make the car lift slightly to increase the distance between the car and the asphalt.