FIFA’s support for the PSSI KLB is an affirmation of Indonesian football that must be addressed

A national football observer, Mohamad Kusnaeni assessed that FIFA’s response to the PSSI Extraordinary Congress (KLB) plan was an affirmation so that football problems in Indonesia could be overcome. FIFA is considered to see the voice of the people in Indonesia for changes in the body of the federation.

FIFA finally gave the green light regarding PSSI’s plan to hold a KLB. FIFA even recommended that the KLB be held sooner, namely in February 2023 than PSSI’s plan in March 2023.

Kusnaeni said FIFA of course realized that Indonesian football was not conducive to the Kanjuruhan tragedy which caused 135 deaths. Moreover, there is a decline in public confidence in PSSI.

“FIFA’s response in my opinion emphasizes that the problem of football in Indonesia must be addressed immediately. The progress of the schedule is a signal, it has been resolved immediately,” Kusnaeni said when contacted, Friday (11/11).

In addition, he said, FIFA also has an interest in holding the U-20 World Cup in Indonesia in May-June 2023. For this reason, he said, FIFA gave its blessing so that PSSI immediately held a KLB and even moved the schedule forward from what was planned.

“Surely they want everything to run smoothly. FIFA doesn’t want this KLB to interfere with preparations for the World Cup. So that this new board can immediately prepare for the World Cup. Although more will involve the government, the federation will still be at the forefront,” he said.

On the other hand, Kusnaeni said that the government’s approval of whoever will become the PSSI administrator will determine. This is because there are still many problems related to the Kanjuruhan tragedy that have not been resolved.

“There are still many problems, such as the recommendations of the National Human Rights Commission, the TGIPF recommendations, which have not been implemented, and there are still legal issues for suspects. That is why it is important for candidates who come forward to receive support from the state,” said Kusnaeni.

Kusnanei hopes that there will be a collective awareness from Indonesian football stakeholders who are the owners of the vote to capture the voices of the people who want change in PSSI.

“People need change, improvement. People think the current management is disappointing. I’m not talking about performance, but if you look at the KLB insistence, it illustrates the disappointment of the community from the impact of the Kanjuruhan tragedy and they must respond to it,” said Kusnaeni. (OL-15)