Fill NMax Full Tanks Using Pertamina, VIVO and BP Fuel, Which Is Cheaper?


Since Pertamina’s fuel prices have increased, vehicle owners have started to try to fill up fuel at other gas stations, such as VIVO, Shell or BP. Then, for Yamaha NMax motorcycle users, how much does it cost to fill the full tank of each fuel?

Taken from the official page Yamaha IndonesiaFriday (10/14/2022), the compression ratio of the Yamaha NMax engine is 11.6:1. That is a sign that the large automatic scooter is recommended to use fuel with a minimum octane rating of 92. Meanwhile, the fuel tank capacity reaches 7.1 liters.

If taken to a Pertamina gas station, Yamaha NMax is required to drink Pertamax at a price of Rp. 13,900 per liter. So, to make a full tank or a full tank from an empty condition, the owner must prepare a fund of Rp. 98,690

As for the VIVO gas station, the ride must drink Revvo 92 type fuel which is currently sold for Rp. 14,140 per liter. So it costs Rp 100,394 to make a full tank from a completely empty condition.

Vivo is being hunted by Ojol's brotherVIVO gas station. Photo: Vivo Hunted by Ojol’s Brother (Achmad Dwi Afriyadi/detikcom)

Well, so that you are not curious, here detikOto summarizes the cost of filling the full tank of Yamaha NMax gasoline when using Pertamina, VIVO, BP and Shell fuel.

Cost of Filling Full Tank Yamaha NMax

  • Pertamina (Pertamax): IDR 13,900 x 7.1 = Rp 98,690
  • VIVO (Revvo 92): IDR 14,140 x 7.1 = IDR 100,394
  • Shell (Super 92): IDR 14,150 x 7.1 = Rp 100,465
  • BP (BP 92): IDR 14,150 x 7.1 = Rp 100,465.

If it is calculated, Pertamina’s fuel content is still cheaper than fuel from other gas stations. However, the difference is very thin, not even up to Rp. 2 thousand.

Hmm, for detikOto readers who use Yamaha NMax at home, which fuel would you prefer? Pertamina, VIVO, Shell or BP? Write your comments below, OK!

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