Funny! This street dog is fat because he is a loyal customer of the Nasi Lemak shop


This street dog stole the attention of Malaysian netizens. His figure looks stocky and fat because he is a regular ‘customer’ of a nasi lemak shop in the Cyberjaya area.

There are many related stories dog the street. Many of them are tormented by the cruel treatment of the humans around them, but not a few street dogs are also happy because they are given an outpouring of attention.

One of them felt this female dog in Malaysia. quote World of Buzz (22/3/2022), the story of this dog was initially viral after being uploaded to the Facebook and Instagram accounts of dog lover, My Forever Doggo.

“Meet a dog who loves nasi lemak (aka the ambassador for nasi lemak!)”, wrote My Forever Doggo’s photo caption. They reveal this dog is known as Ms Chonky.

His figure looks round, fat, and adorable. It turned out that this was due to Ms Chonky’s habit of being a ‘customer’ at a nasi lemak shop in Cyberjaya.

Ms Chonky, a female dog in Cyberjaya who is fat from eating nasi lemak every day. Photo: Instagram cikputri/myforeverdoggo

He will wait to be given food rations by mak cik aka the mother who sells nasi lemak. “Dog This lucky female will be around mak cik’s shop to get nasi lemak rations every day and mak cik never forgets to feed her favorite customers too!” said My Forever Doggo’s upload.

Initially, many buyers of nasi lemak and people around thought that Ms Chonky was fat because she was pregnant, but Putri, who shared this dog story, said that all dogs in the area had been sterilized.

“We hope this dog doesn’t gain weight too quickly as it could affect his health. But, without a second thought, getting good food is better than no food at all. Thank you, mak cik, for feeding Ms Chonky every day and making her feel loved,” said a netizen to the owner of nasi lemak.

Not a few netizens who finally prayed for goodness for the lady selling nasi lemak. Those who have tried the nasi lemak menu here also testify.

“I’m a fan of nasi lemak here which is one of the best in Cyberjaya. The dogs around are nice and won’t bother customers. They will wait until mak cik finish selling and give them leftover food,” said a netizen.

Funny!  This street dog is fat because he is a loyal customer of the Nasi Lemak shopThe figure of Ms Chonky became famous for being a loyal ‘customer’ of a nasi lemak shop. Photo: Instagram cikputri/myforeverdoggo

Then there are also netizens who say that mak cik has been selling nasi lemak and feeding it dog the streets here for the last 5 years.

“The dogs here won’t bother anyone who comes in. They are very smart and like to hang around with mom and dad. He told me these street dogs don’t have a ‘home’ and no one to feed them, so he started taking care of them. the dogs,” said the netizen.

The lady selling nasi lemak sells in front of the Q Cells factory every day. Nasi lemak is sold every weekday. Customers can get delicious nasi lemak while meeting the adorable Ms Chonky.

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