Get a Surprise This Man’s Birthday Cake Even Demands His Company Rp 6.6 Billion


Surprised a birthday party with cake and food by his office, this man was uncomfortable. He even sued the company billions of rupiah.

On birthdays, usually people will get unexpected surprises in the form of birthday cakes to food deliveries. Even to an impromptu birthday party held by family, relatives and office colleagues.

This is obtained by a man from America named Kevin Berlin. Reporting from AsiaOne (20/04), in 2019, several of his colleagues decided to give a surprise birthday party. Complete with bringing a birthday cake as part of the surprise.

However, this actually provoked a panic attack that Kevin suffered. This panic attack will trigger a variety of excessive physical symptoms, even though the person is not in any danger at all.

Get a Surprise This Man's Birthday Cake Even Demands His Company Rp 6.6 BillionIllustration of a birthday surprise at the office. Photo: Adobe/iStock

Kevin was working on the medical team at the Gravity Diagnostics lab. He had previously told his co-workers, because of this panic attack he didn’t want any birthday celebrations.

But apparently it was ignored by his colleagues. The climax at lunch, his friends gave a birthday surprise by bringing a cake, which immediately made him panic all of a sudden. He even had to take cover in his car, and eat lunch in his car because of this panic attack.

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The next day he talked to his boss about his birthday surprise. But his boss thought that Kevin was destroying the cheerful mood of his coworkers, which caused Kevin to have a second panic attack. Even because of the impact of this birthday surprise, he was laid off from his job. Because the company considers itself a danger to the safety of other employees.

Get a Surprise This Man's Birthday Cake Even Demands His Company Rp 6.6 BillionIllustration of a panic attack. Photo: Adobe/iStock

The company said that in a panic, Kevin started to raise his fists and another series of panics. Kevin did not accept all this treatment that started with a surprise birthday party at lunch.

Kevin finally extended this case to legal proceedings at the Kenton County Circuit Court in Kentucky, where he demanded accountability from the Gravity Diagnostics company.

Because of this case, Kevin received a compensation of 450,000 USD (Rp 6.6 billion). This amount includes the cost of wages and benefits of 150,000 USD (Rp 2.1 billion), and non-material losses of 300000 USD (Rp 4.3 billion).

Besides Kevin, who is anti-birthday. There is also a story of a mother who was criticized for being too much, after forbidding her child to eat cake at a birthday party, because cake was considered unhealthy.

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