Guardiola Attacks Former Manchester United Player Who Criticizes City

PEP Guardiola launched a counter-attack against two former Manchester United players, Patrice Evra and Dimitar Berbatov, who criticized Manchester City’s character when the Citizens were knocked out of the Champions League.

Guardiola did not agree with the comments of the two former players after Manchester City were knocked out of the Champions League in the semifinals after losing to Real Madrid.

City conceded twice in stoppage time as the Premier League club were eliminated 6-5 on aggregate in extra time.

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Evra accused Guardiola’s children of lack of personality and leadership while Berbatov questioned Manchester City’s concentration and focus.

Manchester City have forgotten about failing in the Champions League semifinals by scoring 10 goals in two Premier League games, as they were on the verge of winning.

Guardiola. who was also annoyed by the criticism leveled by former Real Madrid player Clarence Seedorf, by making a strong statement.

As ammunition, Guardila refers to Barcelona, ​​who was under his care, when they beat Manchester United in the 2009 and 2011 Champions League finals.

Evra and Berbatov played for Manchester United in 2009 while only Evra was still playing for the Red Devils in 2011.

“Special players like Berbatov, Seedorf and Evra are not there when they are needed,” said Guardiola.

“I’ve played with them and haven’t seen the personality they had when we crushed Manchester United in the Champions League final.

“You don’t have personality just because you concede two goals in one minute when you have so many chances throughout the game?”

“Sometimes football is like that. You can’t control what happens. But when you can reach the final stages of a competition for the last four or five years, it’s incredible.”

“We have great personalities. I’m sorry for not agreeing with their statement. Personality is something you do for five years, every three days. in all competitions,” he stressed. (AFP/OL-1)