Hanging out at the top while eating steak, maybe this is the right place


Hanging out with family is an option to fill the school holidays. At Puncak there is a place to eat steak which is suitable for hanging out with family.

Mad Cow Vimala Hills, a steakhouse that is part of the Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention. Surrounded by green trees, this restaurant provides a beautiful green atmosphere in Puncak.

Mad Cow’s special menu is steak. With high quality ingredients and traditional recipes, everything on the menu is cooked to perfection every time.

The steak selection is called MAD GRILL, which features beef that is carefully curated for an unmatched taste and texture. The method of grilling and blending of spices ensures that every meat served is cooked to perfection to create a delicious aroma.

Mad Cow Vimala HillsMad Cow Vimala Hills Photo: (Ulum/20sec)

Mad Cow Vimala Hills provides promo prices after reopening. The US Sirloin Steak Combo menu can be enjoyed starting from IDR 290,000 ++, Meltique Sirloin Combo can be enjoyed starting at IDR 360,000 ++.

Apart from this menu, a number of new dishes are also available including Maddie Double Skewer starting from IDR 275,000++. It’s two twin roasts marinated (beef, chicken & lamb) and served on hanging skewers.

detikTravel got the opportunity to taste some of the mainstay menu besides steak. There is Creamy Spinach at Rp. 50 thousand and butter whiped potato at Rp. 40 thousand. Creamy Spinach is cooked gently and savory, very delicious.

Mad Cow Vimala HillsMad Cow Vimala Hills Photo: (Ulum/20sec)

For dessert, there is a smokey nitrogen dessert that you can try. So the ice cream ordered will be served with the appearance of nitrogen fixing directly on the table. This is one of the exciting attractions that can be seen by the little one. The price of smokey nitrogen dessert starts from IDR 65 thousand per serving.

Mad Cow also offers a refreshing and rejuvenating selection of non-alcoholic beverages, from handcrafted seasonal mocktails made with premium fruit blends, selected syrups & spices, to naturally hand-squeezed juices. For a healthier option, a smoothie with mixed vegetables & fresh fruit juice is the perfect choice to accompany dinner. Diners can also choose from a wide collection of uniquely brewed teas and coffees to end the meal.

Mad Cow Vimala HillsMad Cow Vimala Hills Photo: (Ulum/20sec)

At Mad Cow Vimala Hills, the moment of encounter meets the pleasure of delicious food and refreshing drinks. This restaurant is also a gathering place for young people and families to celebrate special occasions.

Mad Cow Vimala Hills is open Wednesday-Friday from 18.00-22.00 WIB and Saturday – Sunday from 12.00-16.00 WIB.

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