Have you ever been to the lake at the peak of Bogor? It’s so beautiful here…


Like a hidden gem in the Puncak area, this natural lake in the highlands is so beautiful surrounded by tea plantations. This tourist area is famous for being able to present dazzling natural beauty, cool air, and a shady atmosphere that cannot be found in urban areas.

Just imagine, how beautiful this tourist spot is located in a hilly area and a tea plantation with shady trees shrouded in fog.

You can park your car at the gate of Telaga Saat, then walk for approx. 1.4 km to enjoy some fresh air with a walking tour. However, it must be admitted that the road to Telaga Saat is not very good.

It was explained through the official Instagram page @telagasaatpuncak, that this was because the road to Telaga Saat was close to tea plantations. So that it is not possible to be paved because one of the requirements for tea plantations must be sterile from paved roads.

So, for the sake of safety and comfort you may need to use a vehicle that is strong and tall enough to hit roads that may be slippery, muddy, or rocky. But calm down, there is a special jeep for rent and ready to take you on an adventure on the road to Telaga Saat.

The location of the current Lake Bogor tourist location.The location of the current Lake Bogor tourist location. Photo: doc. Kemenparekraf

The route to Lake Saat Puncak by private vehicle is quite easy. The travel distance from Bandung to Lake Saat Puncak is about 92 km with a travel time of approximately 3 hours. Travel from can be via the Padalarang Toll Road – Jl. Parahyangan Raya – Jl. Ir. H. Juanda – Jl. Raya Labuan-Cianjur – Jl. Raya Ciawi-Cianjur – Jl. Raya Cipanas-Cianjur – Jl. Raya Puncak-Cianjur – Lake At Puncak Bogor.

For the location, just type on Google Maps “Telaga At Peak”. The benchmark from the direction of Bogor will pass the Attaawun Mosque, about 2 km will find Merlimba Garden. The entrance to the Lake of Saat was beside him. Meanwhile, if you come from the direction of Cipanas, the benchmark is from Warpat you have to go down again about 300 meters.


Facilities and Activities

Operating since October 2018, there are many activities that can be enjoyed in the natural tourist area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTelaga Saat. Such as offroad, camping, trekking, and sunset hunting with the backdrop of Mount Salak and Mount Gede Pangrango. Several recreational huts are provided, all in good condition and well-maintained, complete with trash cans and hand sanitizers in each cottage.


1. Parking Area
2. ATM
3. Meeting Hall
4. Jungle Tracking
5. Public Bathroom
6. Various Culinary Tours
7. Mosque
8. Outbound
9. Selfie Area
10. Photo Spot

Lake at PeakTelaga At Peak Photo: (Telaga At Peak/ Facebook)

Here are some tourist activity what you can do while on vacation in the Telaga Saat area, Bogor:

1. Camping

If you want to camp, there is a camping spot called Camp Javana which is located about 100 meters from the lake, and Camp Gunung Luhur. For camping, make sure you bring adequate necessities because of course the air at night will be quite piercing.

2. Picnic

The tourists are welcome to have a picnic around the Lake Saat area, of course, by not disturbing the comfort of other tourists and maintaining cleanliness. No need to be disappointed if you don’t bring a mat, because there are also mat rentals for IDR 10,000 for the day.

3. Take a boat

You should try to ride a canoe with your little one, but don’t be careless and make sure to give extra supervision. Let your little one know the thrill of rowing a boat in the middle of the clear expanse of lake water. Your little one will also see views of the mountains and tea gardens from the middle of the lake.

4. Take pictures

You can enjoy the beautiful sunset view from around the lake, visit the tea garden, walk in the middle of the suspension bridge, and don’t forget to capture it. There is a gazebo to take shelter while looking at the panorama that you will not forget.

5. Pre-Wedding Photos

Of course, the exotic scenery that is served by Lake Saat also gives a romantic touch if visited with a lover. The panorama is very beautiful to be the backdrop for a photo shoot for two lovebirds who want to do a pre-wedding photo session with the concept of nature.

Lake Entrance Ticket at Peak

Here are the price details if you visit Lake Saat Puncak, quoted from the website of the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency and the official Instagram account of Telaga Saat Puncak:

Entrance Ticket Price (HTM) total on weekdays: IDR 31,000
Total HTM on weekends: IDR 35,000


1. Telaga HTM at Peak: IDR 10,000
2. Telaga Warna HTM: IDR 10,000
3. Plantation HTM: IDR 15,000 (weekends)
4. Motorcycle/car parking: IDR 5,000
5. Offroad Ojek: IDR 250,000 (1 car for 5 people)
6. Offroad Fun: IDR 100,000
7. Fun Bike Downhill: IDR 100,000
8. Lake Boat: IDR 150,000 (maximum 6 people)
9. Rampak Kendang Show: IDR 3,000,000
10. Pre-Wedding: IDR 700,000-1,000,000
11. Home Stay Pondok Rawa: IDR 100,000
12. Culinary Coffee: from IDR 25,000
13. Nasi Liwet Culinary: IDR 300,000

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