Haven’t had time to go to the workshop to check the Toyota Raize, got a recall? Do not do this


Owners of the Toyota Raize from November 2020 to October 2021 in Indonesia are asked to immediately check their vehicles at the workshop regarding the recall activity that has been announced by PT Toyota Astra Motor. Especially for Raize type 1.0TS CVT, 1.0TG CVT, 1.0TGM/T, 1.2 G CVT, and 1.2 GM/T.

This recall is related to the finding of an anomaly in the front fender apron connection of the Raize which causes an abnormal sound when the car passes through a damaged or bumpy road. Under certain conditions, the vehicle becomes difficult to control.

For those of you who have not had time to check and repair at the workshop, it is recommended not to drive the car at high speed. Especially when crossing the road with an uneven surface.

Toyota Raize Photo: Toyota Astra Motor

“We suggest you to be able to adjust the speed of the vehicle to the condition of the road you are traveling, especially on poor road conditions (perforated),” quoted the Toyota Astra Motor Special Services Campaign Lookup page.

In order to ensure the vehicle operates optimally, it’s a good idea not to ignore the recall campaign this time. The reason is, you only need to take the time because there is no penny charged when repairs are carried out.

The entire network of Toyota repair shops which currently number 73 Body & Paint workshops as well as 297 General Repair workshops spread across all regions in Indonesia are also involved to ensure that customers immediately carry out inspections and repairs.

Raize inspections and repairs are very easy to do at an authorized Toyota repair shop and absolutely free of charge (free). The work process takes about 7.6 hours, but this depends on the condition of the workshop at the time of inspection/repair. For the process, customers are advised to book service in advance, so that the workshop can prepare stalls, technicians, and/or parts to be replaced.

Toyota RaizeFree recall of Toyota Raize Photo: Toyota Astra Motor

“Customers only need to bring the units involved in the Recall Campaign (Toyota Raize) program and STNK to the workshop,” wrote Toyota.

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