Having Rice Fields to the Beach, Canggu is Amazing


What comes to your mind when you hear the name Canggu? Green and beautiful, Canggu is a haven for peace of mind.

Canggu is a village in the sub-district of North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. With an area of ​​5.23 sq km, Canggu can become a popular Bali destination besides Kuta and Legian.

Canggu is like the wedding of Kuta and Ubud. The beach area is not inferior to Kuta, which is only natural because it is still in the same sub-district as Kuta. There are Canggu Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, Echo Beach, Berawa Beach, Parerenan Beach, Seseh Beach, Petitenget Beach to Batu Belig Beach.

These beaches have a sunset that is no less tempting than Kuta. The waves are big, perfect for surfing.

Illustration of Tourists at Canggu Beach Bali.  After the implementation of PPKM in several parts of Indonesia, including Bali, the tourist area on the island of the gods, Bali, died completely.  Now little and slowly starting to come back to life.Tourists at Canggu Beach Bali Photo: Rac Haryanto
CangguCanggu Photo: (bonauli/detikcom)

Meanwhile, the atmosphere of Ubud can be found in every corner. The right and left of the road in Canggu is still green with a view of the rice fields. This is what makes Canggu so addictive.

In the morning, Canggu is very cool. The rice in the fields swayed in the wind. The streets are still quiet, but Caucasians are starting to dominate.

Identical to a healthy lifestyle, on average they start the day with exercise. Some go surfing on the beach, while others go jogging with their beloved dog. Yoga on the beach has also become a common activity.

Caucasians having coffee in Canggu, BaliCaucasians having coffee in Canggu, Bali Photo: Bonauli/detikcom

When the sun started to rise, it was the turn of the coffee shop that became full. Caucasians crammed themselves in, sitting down for coffee with a book in their right or left hand.

Unlike the crowded Kuta, Canggu is still good for relieving fatigue. There are rice fields, beaches, twilight and coffee, it feels like Canggu doesn’t need anything else.

Unfortunately, Canggu’s paradise is marred by noise pollution from bars and nightclubs. Residents were disturbed. A petition appeared to remove noise pollution through a petition.

It was P Dian, a local resident of Canggu, who made the petition. On the change.org site he created a petition entitled ‘Eradicate Noise Pollution in Canggu’.

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