Healthy Eating Is Still Delicious, Trying The Modern Vegan Resto in Jakarta


When you hear vegan food, you usually think of a variety of processed vegetables. In this vegan restaurant there is also a vegan version of the meat menu, you know!

This restaurant that serves vegan food is called Burgreens. All menus in this restaurant are healthy food with plant-based ingredients.

For a vegan traveler or are reducing food with animal elements, then this restaurant is the right restaurant to visit.

Even though it’s plant-based, this restaurant doesn’t just serve healthy food that’s all. This restaurant also presents a variety of ‘meat’ menus that are commonly found, such as rendang menus, chicken katsu, to steaks.

“We are a 100% plant-based restaurant. The chicken is chicken and beef. The chicken is made from non-GMO soybeans and the beef is made from shitake mushrooms,” said PR & Partnership Executive Burgreens Patricia Budiman to the Green Tour participants.

Not only in terms of basic ingredients, all ingredients and food processing processes carried out by Burgreens also use plant-based ingredients. One example is the welcome snack menu that is distributed.

This menu is chicken katsu with ‘homemade’ chicken. With a frying process that uses coconut oil.

Vegan Burgreens RestoMenu at Burgreens vegan restaurant. Photo: Yasmin Nurfadila/detikTravel

“Soybeans are processed into chicken katsu. Zero cholesterol and fried with coconut oil,” he said.

Besides being suitable for vegans, this restaurant is also suitable for those who are maintaining their diet. Because in the menu list is also displayed the number of calories contained in these foods.

Although the meat served at this restaurant is a vegan version of meat. But the taste is made very similar to the taste of real meat. Several other visitors also said the same thing.

When tasting the chicken katsu served, everyone felt it tasted like real chicken. Usually the difference is that there is a little aftertaste which indicates that the chicken katsu is made from soybeans.

Burgreens is a restaurant that was initiated by the couple Helga Angelina and Max Mandias. A vegan couple who decided to go vegan for different reasons.

“Kak Helga became vegan for health reasons. Because of autoimmune. Finally she did research and decided to go on a plant based diet. Max became vegan for environmental reasons,” said Patricia.

It is from these changing choices and lifestyles that both of them finally produce plant-based products. Not only Burgreens, but also several other brands.

Vegan Burgreens RestoVegan Burgreens restaurant. Photo: Yasmin Nurfadila/detikTravel

“Be their children, Burgreens and GreenRebel who make protein alternatives. Chick’n, beefless, shroom, and also greenkind. Any product purchased is 100 percent plant-based,” he concluded.

For those who want to visit Burgreens, this vegan restaurant already has many branches in Jakarta. Not only Jakarta, this restaurant even has branches in Bandung and Bali.

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