Here are 8 Thousand Islands Tourism Recommendations


The Thousand Islands Administrative District is one of the administrative areas in the DKI Province. Based on data from the official website of the Thousand Islands Administrative District, this archipelago has an area of ​​4,745.62 km2 with 8.76 km2 mainland, which consists of more than 110 islands.

With so many islands, the Thousand Islands is one of the main island and beach tourism destinations for Jabodetabek residents. After the pandemic period, the Thousand Islands has been open since the end of October 2021.

Well, here are 8 recommended islands that must be visited in the Thousand Islands, quoted from various sources:

1. Tidung Island

Play Banana Boat on Tidung Island, Thousand IslandsPlaying Banana Boat on Tidung Island, Thousand Islands Photo: Ipat Fatmwati/d’Traveler

This island is one of the most popular destinations in the Thousand Islands. Tidung Island consists of two islands, namely the Big and Small Tidung Island. The two islands are connected by a bridge called the Love Bridge.

Tidung Besar Island is an inhabited island with complete life support facilities. Meanwhile, Tidung Kecil Island is a research and conservation area for mangrove forests that does not have a permanent population.

The main tourist attraction of this island is the Cinta Bridge and snorkeling and diving tours. The Love Bridge that connects the two islands has beautiful sea views on both sides. This bridge can be enjoyed by cycling using the available rental bicycles. For snorkeling and diving tours, you can do it on Tidung Kecil Island.

2. Untung Jawa Island

Untung Jawa Island is one of the Thousand Islands tourist destinations that offers several choices of beach tourism. These include Arsa Beach, Setigi Beach, Amitterdam Beach, and Sakura Beach.

The view from the top of Untung Island, Java, Thousand IslandsThe view from above Untung Jawa Island, Thousand Islands Photo: Kemenparekraf

Besides the beach, Untung Jawa Island is also famous for the Rainbow Bridge, the mangrove area, and the Bride Tree Bridge. On this island, tourists can also enjoy a variety of water games, two of which are banana boat and donut boat.

Another attraction of this island is its captivating underwater world. Tourists can snorkel around the island.

3. Pari Island

Pari Island is also one of the favorite islands of tourists. This island offers beautiful beaches and coral reefs. One of the most famous spots on Pari Island is the Virgin Sand Beach.

Tourists enjoy the beauty of Pasir Perawan Beach which is located on Pari Island, Thousand Islands Regency, Jakarta, Sunday (16/12).  A stretch of soft sand will be offered by the 'Perawan Sand Beach' on Pari Island.  Files/secondPhotos.Tourists enjoy the beauty of Pasir Perawan Beach which is located on Pari Island, Thousand Islands Regency, Jakarta, Sunday (16/12). A stretch of soft sand will be offered by the ‘Perawan Sand Beach’ on Pari Island. Files/secondPhotos. Photo: Agung Pambudhy

Another attraction of Pari Island is the various water activities that can be done. Such as watersports, snorkeling, diving, and planting mangroves. In addition, travelers can also enjoy the beauty of the island by cycling around the island.

On this island there is also a marine biota research institute belonging to LIPI which can be visited by tourists. Pari Island offers a fairly complete tour, ranging from beach tourism, water activities, to learning directly from research institutions.

4. Scout Island

Last twilight of 2016 on Pramuka IslandSunset on Pramuka Island Photo: Robert Adolf Izak/d’Traveler

Similar to Tidung Besar Island, Pramuka Island is a populated island with fairly complete public facilities. This island also offers beach tourism that spoils the eyes.

In addition, Pramuka Island is also known for its underwater natural beauty. So that one of the main attractions of this island is snorkeling and diving tours.

Not only that, travelers can also enjoy Pramuka Island by sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the sea, playing volleyball, to visiting the hawksbill turtle breeding location.

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