Here’s the Solution for Choosing Halal Food in Non-Muslim Countries


For MuslimFinding food in a country where the majority of the population is non-Muslim is difficult. So, what is the solution in choosing to eat there?

Allah SWT commands his servants to eat food that is not only halal, but also good. In the Qur’an has been recorded which foods are halal and haram.

Beef, goat, chicken and lamb are examples of halal consumption. Usually this food is always an option for Muslims when they are abroad where the majority of the people are non-Muslims.

But be careful, even though the type of animal is halal but it can be haram if it is obtained and processed in a haram way. For example, the method of slaughter that is not in accordance with Islamic law.

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The solution for choosing halal foodFor Muslims, finding food in a country where the majority of the population is non-Muslim is difficult. Photo: iStock

So what is the solution for Muslim in choosing food when in a non-Muslim country? This has been explained by Buya Yahya through his YouTube channel.

“Food that has been halal in Indonesia, not necessarily in non-Muslim countries, for example, is not slaughtered in an Islamic way,” he said.

However, according to Buya Yahya, halal processed food, which is consumed by Christians or Jews, is eaten with two notes. This applies to types of food that are basically halal.

For example chickens, cows and goats. Even though it is processed by Christians or Jews, food made from animal meat is still halal if it is slaughtered in the neck.

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The solution for choosing halal foodHalal Christian or Jewish processed food is consumed halal and eaten with two notes. Photo: iStock

“As long as it is slaughtered in the neck, it is not stabbed. The point is to cut off the flow of breath and the flow of food,” said Buya Yahya.

The second thing is that the animal is slaughtered without mentioning a name other than Allah SWT or not being used for other Gods such as offerings for example.

“As long as you don’t hear and don’t know it’s okay and edible. And you don’t need to find out, you don’t need to ask,” said Buya Yahya.

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