Hidden Gem Pink Beach, Great Photo Spot in the Rocks

East Lombok

Pink Beach in East Lombok, NTB is generally known for its beautiful pink sand. But it turns out that this beach also saves other spots that are no less beautiful.

As the name implies, Pink Beach, which is located in Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, offers the charm of a beach with pink sand. Not only that, this beach also has clear sea water. But not many know, it turns out that this beach still has other tourist charms.

This was revealed by a visitor from West Lombok Muhammad Saleh (23), with his colleague he visited another photo spot in the Pink Beach area. According to him, visiting Pink Beach is not just about seeing the beauty of pink sand beaches.

“Pink Beach is already familiar to tourists. There is something different there, there is a kind of rock where you can take pictures. One area with Pink Beach, but with a different view,” said the man who is often called Oi, Sunday (7/8/). 2022), as quoted by detikBali.

According to him, Pink Beach has many photo spots that have not been visited by many tourists. Other beautiful photo spots are to the east and west of Pink Beach.

“So there are two locations that are rarely explored. On the east side there is the west side of Pink Beach. The location is the same, it doesn’t even need to be far to the location,” said Oi.

On the east side, tourists will find photo spots from the top of the Pink Beach hill. Here, tourists can take photos of the natural panorama that stretches along the beach area.

Photo spots at Pink Beach, East Lombok, NTB, which spoil the eye.Photo spots at Pink Beach, East Lombok, NTB, which spoil the eye. (Photo: Ahmad Viqi/detikBali)

Not only that, tourists can also take pictures among the expanse of rocks jutting into the sea. These rocks are very sturdy so they can be used as a spot to take pictures while sitting against the backdrop of the landscape and the ocean.

Then not only in the Pink Beach area. There are also several other photo spots that are outside the beach area but still close. As mentioned by Samsudin (24) a visitor from Mataram City.

According to him, there are still many other photo spots around Pink Beach. Some of them are the Tanjung Ringgit area, Gue Raksase (giant cave), and Tanjung Beloam Beach in Sekaroh Village.

“The distance between the location of this photo spot is not far. The furthest is 500 meters to Tanjung Beloam. So there are actually many things that can be visited there,” said Samsudin.

So, for travelers who travel to Pink Beach, don’t forget to also take the time to visit these spots. Because the spot is no less cool than the main beach area.

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