Hidden in the middle of the forest, this is a staycation place in Ubud Bali


Ubud Bali was chosen as the best city in the world in 2022. Among the many villas, there is The Samsara Ubud which is the choice as a place of healing.

The Samsara Ubud is located in Kelusa Village, Payangan, Ubud. Truly specializing as a place of healing, The Samsara Ubud is practically hidden behind a forest, on the banks of the Ayung river. Don’t be surprised, because the entrance to this villa is ‘quite challenging’.

Typical of Bali, the building is made with the concept of terracing. In total there are 17 villas with 4 types of rooms, namely one bedroom pool villa, one bedroom deluxe pool villa, two bedroom pool villa and three bedroom pool villa.

Yes, each room is facilitated with a private swimming pool. So that the traveler does not need to relax far from the room.

Uniquely, this swimming pool has a heater that will be turned on when it gets dark. Even in the middle of the night, you don’t have to be afraid of catching a cold!

The Samsara UbudOne bedroom pool villa The Samsara Ubud Photo: (The Samsara Ubud)

The interior of the room is made as authentic as possible with the dominance of wood elements. Bath tube, toilet and bathroom are made separately. Shhh.. the bathroom is made with an open roof, you know!

Due to the very exclusive villa concept, The Samsara Ubud is selling well among honeymooners and couples. The atmosphere of the villa is calm, there is only the sound of the river and the chirping of birds.

The Samsara UbudThree bedroom pool villa The Samsara Ubud Photo: (The Samsara Ubud)

If the pool in the room feels less ‘nampol’, there is a large swimming pool located close to the restaurant. Even better, this swimming pool is often quiet as if it were private property.

Spa and restaurant facilities are also provided. The Kelusa, a restaurant owned by Samsara, has an Indonesian menu that is so mouth-watering. That’s it, there is a choice of wine menu that can be a drinking companion at night.

With prices starting from IDR 2 million, a traveler can fully heal in Ubud. Book in advance, because this villa is often full!

The KelusaThe Kelusa Photo: (The Kelusa)

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