Holidays in Palembang, these are 5 recommended tours for travelers


Traveling to Palembang, of course, there are many tourist destinations that a traveler can explore. Its beauty is not inferior to tourism on the eastern island of Sumatra.

Starting from the iconic Ampera Bridge to exploring the interesting forests a traveler will encounter in Palembang. Collected detikTravel from various sources, Tuesday (22/3/2022), here are five recommendations for Palembang tours for travelers.

1. Ampera Bridge

Ampera Bridge Photo: Lena Ellitan/d’traveler

Ampera Bridge is an iconic tourist attraction in Palembang, which divides the Musi River. This bridge looks beautiful, especially at night.

Located on Jalan Sultan Mahmud Badarudin, Ampera Bridge connects the two sides of the city of Palembang. At night, you can see from a distance the lights of the two wires holding the left and right sides and the two wall posts above the bridge.

On this bridge, travelers can eat in canoes on the banks of the river. The stalls offer coffee and other hot drinks. One that is not left behind is the typical Pempek from Palembang.

2. Maung . Waterfall

waterfallwaterfall Photo: (Ivone Suryani/d’Traveler)

Maung Waterfall is a natural tourist spot that is visited by many tourists because it has clear water. Suitable for nature lovers traveler.

The location is Padang Muaro Duo Village, Gumay Ulu District, Lahat, Palembang. If you arrive at the location, along the way the traveler will pass coffee plantations and steep terrain.

So, be careful!

3. Kemaro Island

Located not far from the Ampera Bridge, Kemaro Island is an instagramable tourist spot that travelers can visit. Tourists can see how the customs and traditions of the Chinese community play a role in the building and the island.

The atmosphere on Kemaro Island ahead of the Cap Go Meh celebration.  There are 800 police personnel on standbyThe atmosphere on Kemaro Island ahead of the Cap Go Meh celebration. There are 800 police personnel on alert. Photo: Raja Adil Siregar/detikcom

Tourists who come usually take selfies. So Kemaro Island became a famous place in Palembang City.

4. Sidewalk

Sekanak Sidewalk is a Palembang tour for travelers who like to take pictures. Launching Antara, this destination provides selfie objects with various colors in the tributaries of the Sekanak River.

To be precise, the location of Sekanak Sidewalk is in Talang Semut Bukit Kecil, Palembang City, South Sumatra. This is one of the tourist spots which was inaugurated to welcome the 2018 Asian Games.

5. Punti Kayu Forest Nature Tour

Punti Kayu Forest is known for its beauty and breadth which has an area of ​​more than 50 hectares. This destination is a nature conservation area that is used for tourism and recreation in Palembang

This tour offers outbound, water tourism, interacting with wildlife, one of which is elephants. Travelers can also get around the swamp around the forest by boat.

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