Homecoming to Bandung Need Vitamin Sea? These are the 5 closest beaches


Bandung is one of the best-selling cities during the Eid holidays. Whether going home or just traveling, Bandung is the champion.

Surrounded by mountains, there are beaches around Bandung. The Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java Province (Disparbud Jabar) has five recommendations for beaches that are close to the city of Bandung.

1. Rancabuaya Beach

Rancabuaya Beach GarutGarut Rancabuaya Beach Photo: Wisma Putra/detikTravel

Rancabuaya Beach is located in Garut Regency. This beach is one of the closest beaches to the city of Bandung, with a travel duration of approximately 3 hours 50 minutes via the Ciwidey-Cidaun Line or 4 hours via the Pangalengan Line.

2. Santolo Pantai Beach

Santolo Garut BeachSantolo Beach Garut Photo: Special

From Bandung, Santolo can be reached in about 4 hours 37 minutes via the Ciwidey-Cidaun route. This beach presents a calm atmosphere with a beautiful panorama of the south coast with its diverse marine life.

3. Jayanti Beach

Jayanti Beach, Cidaun District, Cianjur Regency.Jayanti Beach, Cidaun District, Cianjur Regency. Photo: Ismet Selamet

Jayanti Beach is one of the closest beaches from Bandung, the travel duration is about 3 hours 41 minutes from Bandung. The panorama from Jayanti was supposed to be the opening sight before exploring other southern beaches, such as Santolo or Rancabuaya.

4. Sayang Heulang Beach

The attraction of Sayang Heulang, Garut is being built by the local government.  The target is to be able to use it early next year.The attraction of Sayang Heulang, Garut. Photo: Hakim Ghani

Still in the south of West Java, Sayang Heulang Beach is one of the beach destinations close to the city of Bandung. The distance is about 4 hours 57 minutes if taken via the Pangalengan route, Bandung Regency.

5. Pondok Bali Beach

Pondok Bali Beach in Subang Regency, is probably one of the closest beaches to Bandung on this list. Because, the travel time to this beach only takes about 2 hours 37 minutes via the Cipularang Toll Road and Pantura Highway.


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