Honda ADV 160 Digital Instrument Panel Surgery, What’s Up?


The Honda ADV 160 brings a number of advanced features, one of which is a full digital instrument panel. This instrument cluster contains many indicators and features. What is shown?

The instrument panel of the Honda ADV 160 is rectangular with a negative display screen. With a dark blue base color and white indicators, of course it will be comfortable in the eyes of users, especially when driving during the day under the hot sun.

The indicators displayed on the instrument panel are quite complete. At the top there is a turn signal (turn signal), high beam (shooting light), torque control on/off (HSTC), to a low battery warning lamp.

Honda ADV 160 . digital instrument panelHonda ADV 160 digital instrument panel Photo: Luthfi Anshori/detikOto

Looking to the left, there is a clock, tachometer (engine speed), speedometer (km/h speed indicator), and also fuel gauge (fuel status).

While on the right side there are outside temperature (temperature indicator), voltmeter (battery voltage status), average fuel consumption (average fuel consumption), elapsed time A/B, trip odometer A/B, to oil change alert (time reminder). engine oil change).

Furthermore, at the bottom there is an idle stop indicator, smart key, coolant temperature warning light, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), and FI warning light. To adjust or access the features on the instrument panel, Honda provides navigation buttons under the instrument panel.

Honda ADV 160 . digital instrument panelHonda ADV 160 digital instrument panel Photo: Luthfi Anshori/detikOto

For your information, the New Honda ADV 160 is sold in two types, ABS and CBS with a total of six color variants. The ABS type is marketed at IDR 39,250,000 (On The Road Jakarta), available in three colors, namely Tough Matte Black, Tough Matte Red, and Tough Matte White. In this type, the emblem on the side of the body is sweeter with the Burn Titanium color coating, as well as the rims and handle bars.

Meanwhile, the CBS type, which sells for Rp. 36,000,000 (On The Road Jakarta), gets three color choices, namely Dynamic Black, Dynamic Red, and Dynamic White.

In terms of performance, this motorbike is powered by a 160 cc 4 valve, liquid-cooled, eSP+ engine with a PGM-FI injection combustion system. This engine can generate power of around 11.8 kW @ 8,500 rpm and torque of up to 14.7 Nm @ 6,500 rpm.

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