Honda HR-V Turbo Global Debut in Indonesia, How Much Power?


All New Honda HR-V made its debut in Indonesia, Wednesday (23/3/2022). Interestingly, Honda is also marketing a 1,500 cc turbo engine on the HR-V. This is a world first.

“Yes, that’s right, this 1.5 turbo is worldwide, Indonesia is the first time. But in the future it is possible for other countries as well,” said Yoshitomo Ihashi, Large Project Leader of All New Honda HR-V Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Automobile Operations , Monozukuri Center, in a virtual press conference, Wednesday (23/3/2022).

When Honda marketed the Honda 1,500 cc turbo, it also replaced the HR-V 1.8L which had been stopped by Honda. Yoshitomo said that the engine used in the HR-V RS is the same as the CR-V 1.5 Turbo.

“So the all new turbo engine is the same as the CR-V which is 1.5 liter turbo, but the settings have been adjusted specifically for the HR-V,” said Yoshitomo.

Honda HR-V 1.5 Turbo RS is the top variant. The significant difference is of course in terms of performance. This model uses a turbo, while other variants are still naturally aspirated. Well, how big is the difference in power from the old and new Honda HR-V?

“So if we look at the 1.8 in the previous HR-V, the engine performance was 139 PS, or 160 Nm. If we compare the 1.8 with the 1.5 turbo RS, there is an increase of 38 PS. So the RS type becomes 177 PS or 240 Nm. That also increased by 71,” said Product Strategy Manager of PT HPM, Ferdianto Budiono on the same occasion.

All New Honda HR-V Photo: All New Honda HR-V

Ferdianto also explained that the HR-V engine on the SE, E, and S models shares the same platform as the Honda BR-V and City Hatchback RS.

“If we look at the 1.5 engine itself, if we compare the previous HR-V model, there is also an increase. The previous model is 120 PS, now it has increased to 121 PS. So there is also an improvement from the engine point of view, with the same displacement,” explained he.

Prior to its launch in the country, the second generation of Honda HR-V was introduced in Japan, Thailand and Europe with positive responses from consumers. Even within a month since its launch in Japan, the second generation Honda HR-V has recorded sales of more than 50,000 units.

All New Honda HR-VAll New Honda HR-V Photo: All New Honda HR-V

The car that competes in the medium segment of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) has sold 208,749 units since its introduction in Indonesia in 2015. In Indonesia, the second generation HR-V is targeted to sell 35 thousand units a year.

The presence of the RS or Road Sailing is the first for HR-V. For the Indonesian market, this car is marketed starting from Rp. 355.9 million to Rp. 499.5 million.