Honda Racing Indonesia Launches Racing Formation for the 2022 Season


PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) together with the Honda Racing Indonesia (HRI) racing team officially introduced a new composition of racers who will appear in a number of national championships, one of which is the Indonesia Sentul Series of Motorsport (ISSOM).

Honda Racing Indonesia has prepared as many as five riders who will participate in a number of championships. There is one new young rider named by Honda who is believed to have great potential.

In this season’s Indonesian Touring Car Championship (ITCR), driver Alvin Bahar will jump in the newest class, the 3,600 cc Super Touring Car (STC-R). In this category, Alvin will drive a Honda Civic Type R to compete with a number of other racers on the track.

Honda Racing Indonesia Squad Photo: Honda Racing Indonesia

Honda Racing Indonesia also maintains Avila Bahar, where this season he will enter the ITCR 1,500 cc championship in the Master class. Different from the previous season, in this category Honda will carry the City Hatchback RS model for the first time which will be driven by Avila Bahar.

Then there is a new Honda Racing Indonesia rider who is still young and has great potential, namely Naufal Rafif Busro. This 15-year-old racer will join the ITCR 1,200 cc class by riding a Honda Brio RS.

Naufal has previously participated in various prestigious racing events, starting from the 2021 Honda Brio Speed ​​Challenge (HBSC) as the champion and in 2019 as the second winner. Then follow the ITCR National Championship in 2021 as first winner and third winner in 2019.

Naufal will replace Canya Prasetyo, who this season will participate in the national slalom racing team championship. The female racer will join Anandyo Dwiki, who last season participated in the slalom championship with Honda Racing Indonesia.

“Honda together with HRI are proud to introduce a new composition for the 2022 season from classes, cars, to new riders. This is done as a form of our commitment to continue to advance the racing championship in Indonesia and support young riders in line with the Everyone Can Race spirit that we always have. stretcher,” said Yusak Billy, Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor in a virtual press conference, Friday (11/3/2022).

Last season, the Honda Racing Indonesia team managed to win various victories through their riders. Avila Bahar managed to come out as the overall champion of the Rising Star class.

Meanwhile, Anandyo Dwiki came out as the first winner in the 3 Autogymkhana series and third in the first series. Then Canya Prasetyo as a whole managed to occupy the fourth position in class A (Woman).

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