Honda Releases CL500 Scrambler Motorcycle, Here’s What It Looks Like


Honda unveiled a scrambler-style motorcycle at EICMA Milan, Italy. Honda scrambler motorbike that’s the name Honda CL500. Honda claims, this bike is very easy to drive in various situations.

A classic look adorns the Honda CL500 scrambler motorbike. It can be seen from the round shape of the fuel tank and the high exhaust typical of a scrambler motorbike complete with a protector. Tank pad, rubber mounted on the front suspension, soft leather seats with embossed Honda logo, and high handlebars combine to create an attractive appearance.

This motorbike has a seat height of 790 mm. The slim seat makes it easier for the rider to put their feet on the ground. The high handlebars not only make it look attractive, but also provide a good grip when the rider sits or stands.

Honda CL500 Scrambler MotorcycleHonda CL500 Scrambler Motorcycle Photo: Doc. Honda

The headlights are round in shape with a diameter of 175 mm. Although it is round in shape which makes it look classic, Honda has pinned four LED lights in front. The turn signal also uses a small circular LED with a diameter of 55 mm. The LED taillights are also made in a thin oval shape.

The classic form is also represented by a round instrument screen with a diameter of 100 mm, although it looks modern with a negative LCD. Simple and uncluttered information delivery including gear position indicators, fuel consumption and individual indicator arrows.

Honda CL500 Scrambler MotorcycleHonda CL500 Scrambler Motorcycle Photo: Doc. Honda

Another mainstay feature of the Honda CL500 is the Emergency Stop Signal (ESS). This feature functions to flash the hazard lights to warn road users behind if the rider applies emergency braking.

Honda CL500 has a 12 liter fuel tank. With fuel consumption reaching 27.7 km / liter, this motorbike can go as far as 300 km once a full tank.

The Honda CL500 uses the same base as the CMX500 Rebel. This motorbike is equipped with a 471cc 8-valve, parallel twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine. However, for the CL500, the PGM-FI fuel injection mapping features and new intake and exhaust settings are updated. As a result, this motor can produce 43.4Nm of torque @ 6,250rpm and a peak power of 45.9 horsepower @ 8,500rpm.

Honda CL500 Scrambler MotorcycleHonda CL500 Scrambler Motorcycle Photo: Doc. Honda

The Honda CL500 also uses a rear sprocket with 41 teeth, in contrast to the Rebel which uses 40 teeth. The more teeth it serves for a sharper acceleration.

The Honda CL500 uses a tubular steel trellis main frame. The long-travel suspension consists of a 41mm telescopic fork and an adjustable rear shock. This motorbike is equipped with 19-inch front wheels and 17-inch rear tires using block pattern tires that make it ready to explore all terrain.

The front and rear brakes feature modulated ABS which is specially balanced for performance on a variety of surfaces, including light off-roading.

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