Honda sells 11,590 cars in October 2022, Brio is still the champion!


Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) announced their sales in October 2022, it was recorded that Honda had sold 11,590 cars.

In the official broadcast received by detikOto, Honda’s sales figures were supported by three Honda models, namely the Honda Brio, All New Honda HR-V and All New Honda BR-V. In total, Honda sales for the period from January to October 2022 have accumulated 99,983 units, or 46% more than the same period in the previous year.

The Honda Brio was the model with the highest sales, with 5,528 units, or around 48% of total HPM sales in October 2022. Brio sales consisted of 3,938 Honda Brio Satya units and 1,590 Honda Brio RS units.

Meanwhile, the All New Honda HR-V contributed 25% of total HPM sales with sales of 2,893 units in October. Another SUV model, namely the All New Honda BR-V, also contributed 17.30% of total HPM sales with sales of 2,005 units.

The newest Honda Brio RS Urbanite Edition was introduced in Indonesia, Wednesday (21/4/2022).The newest Honda Brio RS Urbanite Edition was introduced in Indonesia, Wednesday (21/4/2022). Photo: Honda Prospect Motor

Other Honda models also contributed to Honda’s sales in October 2022, namely the Honda City Hatchback RS with 540 units, followed by the New Honda CR-V with 488 units, and the Honda Mobilio with 59 units. Then for the line of sedans, the All New Honda City sold 38 units, followed by the All New Honda Civic RS which sold 23 units and the New Honda Accord 16 units.

Yusak Billy as Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor said, Honda’s retail sales in October were again affected by the unstable supply of semiconductor chips, causing production capacity to decline.

“This condition is likely to last for certain models until the end of 2022, and because of that we apologize to consumers who have to wait longer for the products that have been ordered. However, we are optimistic that the supply of components will gradually improve in early 2023, so that We can deliver products to consumers as quickly as possible,” Yusak added.

List of Honda’s best-selling cars in October 2022:

  1. Honda Brio: 5,528 units.
  2. All New Honda HR-V: 2,893 units.
  3. All New Honda BR-V: 2,005 units.
  4. Honda City Hatchback RS: 540 units.
  5. New Honda CR-V: 488 units.
  6. New Honda Mobilio: 59 units.
  7. All New City: 38 units.
  8. All New Civic RS: 23 units.
  9. New Hnda Accord: 16 units. Total: 11,590 units

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