Honda, Yamaha Have Bring Electric Motorcycles to RI, Kawasaki When?


Indonesia has started to encourage the use of electric motorcycles. There is no Japanese manufacturer that sells electric motorcycles in Indonesia, including Kawasaki.

PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) believes electric motorcycles are a necessity. The manufacturer, which focuses on selling sport and off-road motorbikes, does not want to market it yet because it is still in the planning stage.

“It’s definitely (electric motorbikes) because the government is starting to push, for sure we will also enter later,” said PT KMI’s Head of Sales & Promotion, Michael C. Tanadhi when met in Central Jakarta, Monday (7/11/2022).

Michael said that the push bike for children “Electrode” is proof that Kawasaki will play in the electric motorcycle market. The motor will be sold next year at a price in the range of Rp. 20 million.

“There is no information (about when to start selling electric motorbikes), just as a start, yesterday PRJ issued a small electric push bike as our first step to get into electricity,” said Michael.

PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) also introduced Electrode, an electric bicycle for children.  Curious?Kawasaki Electrode Photo: Andhika Prasetia/detikcom

“Next year it will be sold, tentatively still at IDR 20 million, there is interest but we haven’t opened an order yet, it’s not ready,” he added.

As is known, Kawasaki has just exhibited an electric motorcycle at the 2022 Intermot Show in Germany. The form is a naked sport a la Z250, but the exhaust and engine are gone.

Michael himself admitted that he had not received any info and specifications from the Kawasaki EV. Kawasaki explained that the Kawasaki EV electric motorcycle has the equivalent power of a 125cc motorcycle. However, Kawasaki said that their electric motorcycle will only be produced starting next year.

Kawasaki states that at least by 2025 they will have 10 line ups of electric motorcycles.

“For the model, we are still waiting and seeing, we’ll see how it goes. Even at Intermot, Kawasaki Indonesia hasn’t got official information about specs and everything, so we can’t comment on whether it will enter Indonesia later or not,” added Michael.

Currently, only two giant Japanese motorcycle manufacturers have introduced electric motorcycles in Indonesia, namely Honda PCX Electric and Yamaha E01.

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