Honda’s Electric Concept Car Launches, Challenges Tesla Model S in China


Honda has finally started to introduce their electric concept car e:N2 EV. The electric car, which will be introduced to the Chinese market, will challenge the Tesla Model S in China.

Quoted by motortrend, in early 2022, Honda introduced the Honda e:Ny1 EV SUV concept car, which was finally officially sold in the form of the All-Electric HR-V for the Chinese and European markets. Now Honda is showing off their newest concept car, called the e:N2 Concept.

This Honda concept car was officially shown at the 50th China International Import Expo in Shanghai. This introduction coincided with other electric car manufacturers such as Tesla, which showed the Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid.

Honda has not publicly divulged the specifications of their latest electric concept car, the e:N2 EV. However, judging from the teaser e:N2 Concept, this electric car will be a tough competitor for the Tesla Model S.

Honda e:N2 Concept Electric CarHonda e:N2 Concept Electric Car Photo: Doc. Honda

However, Honda claims their latest electric concept car will be something different. In the teaser photos that have been circulating, it looks like this car has firm body lines. Motortrend calls this car shape resembling a Cadillac, including the presence of vertical lights embedded in the front corner of the car.

Running to the interior, Honda claims the car cabin will become a ‘third space’ (a term to describe the place needed to express social-cultural expression, after the house (first space) and office (second space)), which gives a pleasant impression when in in it. For features, in the cabin it is connected to Honda Connect which is mated to a digital cockpit.

The Honda e:N2 will use the same platform as the e:Ny1 SUV. Namely an EV platform that presents a fun and powerful driving style. Regarding the battery, this Honda electric concept car will carry an Ultium battery which is the result of Honda’s collaboration with General Motors.

This electric car will begin production in 2024. Interesting to wait for its birth, right?

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