Horror! Quartararo’s Racing Suit Opens Again during Crash in Aragon


Fabio Quartararo’s racing suit is open again. Horrified, Quartararo’s leather suit opened during a crash at the Aragon MotoGP. Alpinestars, as the supplier of Quartararo’s clothing, conducted an investigation.

At the Aragon 2022 MotoGP race last weekend, the French rider fell due to crashing into the back of Marc Marquez’s motorbike. In the video replay uploaded on the official MotoGP website, it appears that Quartararo’s racing shirt zipper is open again.

This is not the first time Quartararo’s Alpinestars racing suit has been revealed. Last year, at the 2021 Catalunya MotoGP, Fabio Quartararo’s racing suit suddenly opened when the race had a few laps left.

At that time, according to The Race, it is possible that Quartararo’s race suit was open due to the zipper not being fully closed when the race started. It made the wind go down the neck and slowly unzipped. In turn, the chest protector inside the racing suit moves. Finally Quartararo took off the breastplate.

The incident was repeated again at the 2022 Aragon MotoGP. This time it was seen that the racing shirt was open when the French racer fell. Quartararo in the accident suffered several wounds to the chest.

Fabio Quartararo after crash at MotoGP AragonFabio Quartararo after crash at MotoGP Aragon Photo: Twitter @FabioQ20

This year, Quartararo wasn’t the only one who had his racing suit exposed. Quoted by Italy24, the MotoGP rider’s shirt zipper has been opened four times. Two were for Quartararo in Catalunya and Aragon, one for Jorge Martin (Alpinestars) and the other for Aleix Espargaro’s Ixon racing suit exposed at Silverstone.

Alpinestars has opened up about the incident of the open racing suit. Quoted by Moto.it, now the Alpinestars are looking into the problem.

“At this time we can say that the suit arrived today and has been transferred to our laboratory for in-depth analysis. After that we will be able to provide further information,” said Alpinestars.

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