Hoshinoya Bali, One of the Best Healing Locations in Ubud


The Ubud area in Bali is known as a suitable location for healing. One of the right accommodations for travelers is Hoshinoya Bali.

Hoshinoya Bali is located in Pejeng Kangin Village, Tampaksiring District, Gianyar Regency. This resort can be reached in 20 minutes from Ubud city center.

Located in the countryside, Hoshinoya Bali presents serenity and beauty. Moreover, the location of Hoshinoya Bali is surrounded by forests, rice fields, valleys, and a sacred river called Pakerisan.

With a thick natural feel of Bali, travelers will get a unique stay experience in Japanese concept villas. There are 30 villas whose exterior and interior designs are Japanese style.

detikTravel get the opportunity to stay at this resort for 3 days 2 nights. For travelers who live in urban areas, staying at Hoshinoya Bali is very relaxing because we are free from the hustle and bustle. Moreover, the concept of this villa is not equipped with a TV and a traveler’s wall clock so you can really rest your mind.

Hoshinoya BaliHoshinoya Bali. Photo: doc. Hoshinoya Bali

Being in Hoshinoya Bali, a traveler can be satisfied to pamper the body. Starting from tasting a variety of Japanese cuisine formulated by Executive Chef Mitsuaki Senoo. He is a cook who directly imported from Japan. Featured menus ranging from sukiyaki, sushi, to the typical Japanese shaved ice, namely kakigori, can be enjoyed by travelers there.

If a traveler doesn’t want to eat Japanese menus, don’t worry because Hoshinoya Bali also serves Balinese specialties such as chicken betutu, and Western menus. Travelers can enjoy these foods at the Hoshinoya Bali restaurant or at the Gazebo Cafe which directly faces the green scenery.

When staying at Hoshinoya Bali, travelers can also enjoy refreshing spa facilities. The spa here is unique because of its location overlooking the forest so it gives the sensation of a spa in the middle of nature.

Hoshinoya BaliSpa at Hoshinoya Bali. Photo: doc. Hoshinoya Bali

detikTravel had time to try the spa service Balinese massage. This spa prioritizes massage with Japanese-style techniques but the products used are from Bali.

The spa products at Hoshinoya Bali are made by Jamusara where all the body scrubs, oils and skin care ingredients are made from organic rice, spices and herbs used in Balinese traditions. Apart from Balinese messages, travelers can also try other types of spas, namely Royal Lulur and Balinese Boreh.

Holidays in Hoshinoya Bali will not be boring either because there are many activities that the resort offers. For example, batik. detikTravel took this batik class guided by skilled hotel staff.

Then there are also fun outdoor activities. detikTravel had time to participate in two types of outdoor activities, namely walking in the fields and walking around the village or banjar. This tour is not only pleasing to the eye but also provides new knowledge about Balinese culture.

“While staying at Hoshinoya Bali, guests can stay in peace. Enjoy nature, enjoy the spa, and relax and enjoy delicious food. But if guests have more energy, guests can also go outside the resort to take a tour,” said General Manager of Hoshinoya Bali. Takaaki Yasuda.

Hoshinoya BaliHoshinoya Bali. Photo: doc. Hoshinoya Bali

Meanwhile, PR Hoshinoya Bali Lucia Dhenok also explained that this resort is not just a place for healing. But more than that, Hoshinoya Bali wants guests to also get to know the local culture so that they get a different stay experience than usual.

“Hoshinoya always involves local history and culture. Including Hoshinoya Bali who chose Ubud because Ubud is the center of art and culture. Pejeng itself is part of the royal territory and a sacred place for Balinese and Hindus,” he said.

Not only qualified facilities, staying at Hoshinoya Bali is also satisfying because of the good staff service. The staff here practice a typical Japanese hospitality tradition called omotenashi. This is the staff’s commitment to provide the best service for guests.

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