How will the Accident Rate Decrease During the 2022 Eid Homecoming?


This year’s Lebaran homecoming has ended, the National Police Korlantas explained the results of the evaluation during the 2022 Ketupat Operation. As a result, the number of accidents and fatalities decreased during the 2022 Eid homecoming.

Kakorlantas Polri Inspector General Firman Shantyabudi revealed that during this year’s Lebaran homecoming, the number of accidents decreased by 11 percent. The good record was also followed by a decreased fatality rate.

“The number of accidents this year has decreased by 11 percent and fatalities have also decreased by 22 percent,” said Firman, as reported by the NTMC Police.

Furthermore, there are a number of factors that support the success of the 2022 ketupat operation. Among them are synergy with relevant stakeholders to deal with traffic jams, accidents and other problems.

“Through the K3i system controlled by NTMC and the PJR Command Post, high responsive traffic jams, management of rest area arrangements, supporting infrastructure for traffic engineering police discretion, homecoming programs, media management for safe and healthy socialization, and virtual and actual availability for overcome the traffic jams and traffic jams,” he explained.

Firman explained, there are a number of traffic engineering schemes carried out by the police, starting from one way and odd-even on toll roads, carrying out traffic opening/closing, patrolling and guarding on U-turns. While arterial and tourist traffic engineering, regulation and patrolling.

Congestion is seen at Km 54 of the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road, West Java.  Density occurs due to the increasing volume of vehicles at the peak of the Eid backflow in 2022.An illustration of congestion is seen at Km 54 of the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road, West Java. Density occurs due to the increasing volume of vehicles at the peak of Eid backflow in 2022. Photo: Agung Pambudhy

“During the homecoming flow, the implementation of traffic engineering on toll roads, 18 times of contra flow, 8 times of one way and 3 times of contra flow relaxation. Meanwhile, the implementation of reverse flow engineering is contra flow 16 times, one way is 16 times and contra flow relaxation is 2 times. times,” said Firman.

In addition, Firman also found that there were nine obstacles during Operation Ketupat 2022, namely the presence of vehicles that were not roadworthy or damaged on the highway, travelers who damaged or broke through U-turns and changed lanes and lanes, and drivers stopped on the shoulder. walk anywhere.

Several other things were found, namely a slowdown in traffic ahead of the rest area location, the capacity of the rest area that does not accommodate, inadequate infrastructure on the arteries, an anomaly in the departure of travelers who are different from 2019, toll exit gates that have not been maximally empowered, as well as arterial and tourism that needs road engineering.

“In conclusion, the overall implementation of the 2022 ketupat operation on toll roads and arteries and controlled tourist sites, some density points can be decomposed quickly through the discretion of the traffic engineering police and the alertness of the analysis team and control from the cctv command center and digital maps,” said Firman.

In the implementation of Operation Ketupat 2022, as many as 114,392 personnel from joint officers were deployed to secure the homecoming and return flows for this year’s Eid.

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