Huawei Confirms Breaking Up With Lewandowski But Denies Helping Russia Invasion

Chinese technology company Huawei confirmed that Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski had terminated the contract but denied the cause of the termination.

In a statement received by Media Indonesia, Huawei said, “Huawei regrets the end of its partnership with Robert Lewandowski. We appreciate the cooperation that has been built over the years and wish Lewandowksi success in the future.”

However, Huwaei later regretted the news that cited inaccurate sources of information.

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“We confirm that the information from an article that was uploaded to a website and has been quoted by the Daily Mail and a number of other media, and has become a reference for Lewandowski, is a hoax,” Huawei said.

The Daily Mail, in a correction to its news, said reports of a Chinese news portal suggesting Huawei would use their training center to train 50,000 technical experts in Russia have been removed.

Previously, Lewandowski’s agent confirmed the termination of the contract relationship with Huawei.

“We have taken the decision to terminate the marketing partnership between Robert Lewandowski and Huawei,” said Lewandowski’s agent, Tomasz Zawislak. “Therefore, all forms of promotion with Huawei have been terminated,” he continued.

Lewandowski has expressed his support for Ukrainians after the Russian invasion by wearing a bracelet in the color of the Ukrainian flag.

“The world must not accept what is happening there. I hope the whole world supports Ukraine,” said Lewandowski. (AFP/OL-1)